Friday, July 13, 2007

Surgeon General Nominee Waffles on Position Against Homosexuality

From "Holsinger Holds Studiously Ambiguous Position on Homosexuality - Conservatives Disappointed" by Elizabeth O'Brien, posted 7/13/07 at

During the Senate hearing yesterday, Surgeon General nominee Dr. James Holsinger Jr. remained studiously ambiguous on the issue of homosexuality. Meanwhile, the mainstream media has been clamoring that he has positively retracted his former views to now favor homosexuality.

Matt Barber, Policy Director for Cultural Issues of Concerned Women of America (CWA), reported that during the meeting, Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy began by slamming Dr. Holsinger for his Christian faith and the paper he wrote in 1991. Barber stated that Holsinger "seemed to try to distance himself from his 1991 paper by saying, 'First of all, the paper does not represent where I am today,' he said. 'It does not represent who I am today.'"

On the question of homosexuality, Barber comments, "Holsinger was definitely slipping and sliding all over the place. He came across as a regular Washington insider. In his 1991 paper he stood firm in his position. In the hearing he completely abandoned that firm stance by giving a bunch of non-answers and playing dodge ball…I was very much hoping he would display courage and stand firm on his prior position."

Nevertheless, Media reports have been milking Holsinger's "non-statements" as indications of his retracted position. Brit Hume, reporting on the Fox News Channel, for example, stated, "Holsinger also told senators in a confirmation hearing that he no longer holds the views about homosexuality that he expressed in a controversial paper in 1991, in which he called it unnatural and unhealthy."

Commenting on recent media coverage of the event, Barber continued, "And yes, his non-answers could be construed as 'disavowing' his previous stance. But I think the MSM, including Fox, have grossly exaggerated his statement. They're reporting what they wanted to hear, not what he actually said."

Barber continued, "I was very disappointed that he so clearly waffled and chose the path of least resistance. I'm left unimpressed."

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This is a real shame. If he would stand firm in the truth perhaps we could finally have some public discussion of the destructive health consequences of homosexual behavior.