Monday, July 02, 2007

It's Not the Homosexuals That Scare Me

The 2 minute video clip opens with a Rev. Stephen Meriwether, Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, smiling and joking, exuding warmth and charm, while he sprinkles holy water on a contingent of his flock as they prepare to depart for the San Francisco 'Pride' Parade.

Scene two shocks us into reality as three people parade down the street carrying a large banner with the words "Welcome to San Francisco! Please F**k Safely."

We move on. Adult men and women ride and walk down the street in various states of undress, topless, bottomless, and even buck naked - touching themselves and sometimes touching each other in broad daylight. Live demonstrations of sado-masochism as one leather-clad man/woman? whips another (gently, this is a public place after all...) (Will sado-masochism be the next sexual 'orientation' elevated to oppressed minority status?)

In what seems like a joke of surreal irony a banner appears proclaiming 'DIGNITY.' Dignity? What could be less dignified? Men and women created in the image of God debasing themselves and each other in a public display of moral squalor the likes of which would probably cause the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah to shudder in shame.

An unnamed writer for one homosexual-oriented website bubbled: "One of the most uplifting things about the parade, we thought, were all the children we saw. Perhaps we had never noticed before, but it seemed as if there were more children than ever before."

People bring their children?

Dear God...

Still, it's not the homosexuals, leather lovers, and cross-dressers that frighten me most. Enslaved to their own lust, they are deceived and blind. Romans 1 says they are 'given over' to the "sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another." They CANNOT think morally clearly.

It is the thousands of seemingly sane, intelligent, normal heterosexual people across the nation who are eyewitnesses to obvious perversion and yet cheer it on who frighten me. Politicians, news media, doctors, lawyers, plumbers, policemen, clergymen...

I am dumbfounded that these people can see, with their own eyes, the gratuitous obscenity of a gay 'pride' parade and still put on a happy face and pretend that 'it's all good.' GLBT people are caught up in this behavior and desperate to justify it. The heterosexual people attending these parades have no such excuse.

Crowd estimates for the Chicago parade were 450,000 people. That's a lot of people cheering for sexual depravity...

I am reminded that the crowds once cheered for the gladiator games and the crucifixion of an innocent man too...

Darkness grows in America.

-Abigail Ruth for Culture Campaign