Saturday, July 07, 2007

Chicago Area Teens Given X-Rated Goodie Bag at B96 Concert

From "X-rated 'goodie bag' enrages preteen's mom" by Kim Janssen, posted 6/29/07 at

A Burbank mother expressed her outrage after Toyota Park concert sponsors handed her disabled 12-year-old daughter a goodie bag including condoms and a sex-toy catalog.

...Inside the bag, put together by Lisle-based nightclub promotions company Mixmaster Throwdown, were two condoms, a catalog for the adult store Lovers Lane, an explicit CD titled "Vigina," "Bearly Legal" suntan lotion sachets printed with marijuana leaves and a book of gag "sex coupons" entitling the bearer to direct sex videos and other sexual favors.

...Mixmaster Throwdown's director, Dan Morrell, attributed the bags being passed out as a mix-up.

Morrell said members of his staff mistakenly grabbed the bags containing the condoms, which were identical to bags meant for the B96 concert, which included T-shirts and dance music CDs.

The bags containing the condoms are meant for 21-and-over nightclubs, which represent the bulk of Mixmaster Throwdown's clients, Morrell said.

"As a single father, it makes me sick to think that those bags can get into the hands of a 12-year-old," Morrell said.

He apologized to B96, as well as Richard and her daughter, calling it an honest mistake.

B96's general manager Peter Bowen said only that he was "looking into" the matter.

Given the explicit content of some of the music and discussion broadcast on B96 when they have a teen and pre-teen audience, I'm not sure I believe that...

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