Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Maryland State School Board Favors Gay Agenda Over Children's Safety

From "Maryland State School Board Advances Sexual Perversity Above Children's Safety" by PFOX, posted at Familypolicy.net

In its ruling last week regarding a controversial sexuality curriculum in Montgomery County, the Maryland State Board of Education (MBOE) has implicitly authorized local school boards to promote “sexual diversity” to students and teach about anal sex while excluding warnings of the medical dangers pertaining to such practices.

Both the MBOE and Montgomery County School Board rejected a petition from 270 local medical doctors to include warning about anal sex critical to student safety as issued by the Office of the Surgeon General and National Institutes of Health.

The MBOE has also ruled that Maryland schools may teach questioning and confused students that homosexuality is “innate”, a controversial and unproven theory advanced by gay advocacy groups serving on the Montgomery County School Board’s curriculum advisory committee.

Thereby virtually condemning confused kids to a future of physical, mental and ultimately eternal destruction because they've been told they were born homosexual...
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