Monday, July 30, 2007

Milwaukee Gay Pride Leader Arrested for Seeking Sex with Minor

UPDATE 11/20/14: Obama Top Homosexual Arrested for Anal Sex with Boy

From "Sex sting catches contact for kid's event" posted 7/28/07 at

A Google cache of an Internet page for Milwaukee's homosexual "PrideFest" reveals that its outreach coordinator, now facing felony sex charges for allegedly trying to meet a 14-year-old boy, was the contact person for the event's children's attractions.

Authorities have reported David W. Bodoh, 42, of Wauwatosa, Wis., apparently made contact with a boy from Oconomowoc, and eventually set up a meeting with an undercover state agent who posed online as the child.

The boy's foster mother is said to have discovered explicit e-mails between her son and Bodoh in January, and contacted police.

But the cached page reveals Bodoh was the "contact" for events including "ComedySportz for Children," an event that was on the daily schedule twice, as well as "Kids' Story Time with Broad Vocabulary," which also was scheduled twice. He's listed as the only contact on the schedule that also includes a presentation from the Children's Service Society of Wisconsin, the LGBT History Project/Sage and the "Gender Non-Discrimination Presented by F.OR.G.E. & Center Advocates."

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I am not nor would I EVER want to infer that most homosexual men are pedorasts. They are not.

pederasty seems to be consistently linked to pro-gay activism. The Liberal Party of Canada supports lowering the age of consent for anal intercourse to 14, and the Netherlands now has a political party devoted to legalizing consensual pedophilia.

We should not be surprised. It was the widespread adoption of Christian values that elevated sexual mores regarding children. In ancient times pederasty was quite common. For instance it was not unusual for Greek men to have a wife for procreation and a boy for recreation.
Here in the United States there is an organized effort to normalize adult/child sex:
  • the 1972 Gay Rights Platform demanded abolishment of age of consent laws.
  • In Massachussetts mainstream homosexual activists have produced booklets for teens telling them that they have a "right to enjoy sex without shame or stigma."
  • A professor at the University of Minnesota has gone so far as to write a book questioning the idea that pedophilia is harmful to children. She suggests the threat of pedophilia and molestation by strangers is exaggerated by adults who want to deny young people the opportunity for positive sexual experiences.
  • We are all familiar with the aims of the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)
Apparently once you start re-writing the 'rule book' it's hard to know where to stop...