Saturday, March 24, 2007

We Need to Stop Pornography Now

From "We need to stop pornography now" posted week of 03/21/07, at Denver Catholic Register

Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput "identified the multi-billion dollar pornography industry as laying at the heart of the modern crisis in sexuality, calling it the 'biggest single environmental crisis we face,' one that 'pours garbage into our homes every day through the Web and other media.'

'Pornography is never 'innocent entertainment,' no matter how private it might seem. It turns human beings into objects. It coarsens our appetites. It darkens our ability to see real human beauty. It creates impossible expectations about sexual intimacy. It kills enduring romance and friendship between the sexes. And ultimately it's a lie and a cheat. Pornography is a cheap, quick, empty copy of the real thing - the real joy of sexual intimacy shared by a man and woman who have joined their lives in a loving marriage. . . .'

'We can't do a lot about the sexual confusion at the top of our society, beyond writing to our elected officials and demanding candidates who will advance our convictions when the time comes to vote . . . But we can do a lot about the poison in our homes and local communities. Pornography is poison. It should be controlled like any other toxic waste. And don't be fooled. This isn't 'censorship.' It's a matter of public health and common sense.'

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