Thursday, March 15, 2007

NARAL Bullies Kroger over Abortion Drug

Pro-abortion group says pharmacist should dispense Plan B regardless of moral objections.

From "NARAL Bullies Kroger over Abortion Drug" posted 3/12/07, at

NARAL Pro-Choice America is trying to force the Kroger chain to carry Plan B, the controversial morning-after pill. They say the medication should be dispensed regardless of a pharmacist’s moral objections.

Kroger’s policy is to allow each store to make its own decision whether to carry Plan B -- based on demographics.

Dionne Vann, director of NARAL Georgia, said pharmacists who won't dispense the drug aren’t doing their job.

“We’re seeing here that somehow these personal values are interfering with medical decisions made between a patient and their doctor,” Vann said.

What a thought -- personal values effecting one's behavior, even on the job...