Tuesday, March 27, 2007

British PM Blair Celebrates Passage of Sexual Orientation Regulations at Homosexual Activist Banquet

From "British PM Blair Celebrates Passage of Sexual Orientation Regulations at Homosexual Activist Banquet" by Gudrun Schultz, posted 03/26/07 at LifeSite.net

British Prime Minister Tony Blair celebrated the House of Lord's March 21 vote in favour of the controversial Sexual Orientation Regulations by attending an Equality fundraising dinner the following evening, put on by the UK's leading homosexual activist organization Stonewall.

The SOR passed by a 168-122 vote in the House, ensuring the implementation of new "anti-discrimination" policies beginning April 30.

In his speech at the Stonewall event, PM Blair said it was a "real honour" to be in attendance and thanked members of Stonewall, saying "we couldn't have done it without you."

PM Blair said of all the pro-homosexual legislation passed in recent years, the civil partnership law gave him more than just pride, "it actually brought real joy." The first same-sex civil union caused him to give "a little sort of skip," he said, it was "just so alive, and I was so struck by it."

...In particular, Christian schools will face policies forbidding any teaching against homosexuality, and the requirement that all schools institute policies against "homophobia".

The Joint Committee on Human Rights, composed of members of Parliament and the House of Lords, issued a report late in February recommending that Christian schools be forced to modify religious instruction under the new regulations, "so that homosexual pupils are not subjected to teaching, as part of the religious education or other curriculum, that their sexual orientation is sinful or morally wrong.

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