Thursday, March 22, 2007

Democrats Slip Benefits for Planned Parenthood into Iraq War Funding Bill

From "Democrats Slip Benefits for Planned Parenthood into Iraq War Funding Bill" by John Henry-Westen, posted 3/16/07, at

WASHINGTON, March 16, 2007 ( - Apparently the Democrats consider an emergency war funding bill to be an appropriate place to include funding for so-called "emergency contraception" for Planned Parenthood. On Thursday, the Appropriations Committee in the House of Representatives was scheduled to take up a $124.1 billion Supplemental Appropriations bill to fund the war in Iraq.

Into this emergency bill Democrats have buried a provision in the bill on page 155 which specifically mentions Planned Parenthood. The bill includes technical corrections to the Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) regarding Medicaid. "These corrections: … clarify current law that planned parenthood clinics and certain university clinics can continue to receive nominal drug prices"

The provision, while not giving Planned Parenthood federal funds, would have allowed drug companies to give Planned Parenthood cheaper rates on drugs, without changing drug company profits, thus allowing greater profit to Planned Parenthood.

Congressional sources have informed that the language has just been pulled from the bill. However, pro-life congressional observers are noting that they must "remain vigilant" since such measures will likely resurface, and perhaps without the "obvious giveaway of Planned Parenthood's name."