Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pace Critics Seem to Believe No One in Public Life Should Dare to Criticize Sodomy

From "Keeping Pace" by Joseph Farah, posted 3/14/07, at

Am I to understand that no one in public life or authority today is permitted to subscribe to moral codes that have served the Judeo-Christian world for the last 5,000 years?

So, it seems to me there is an effort here to isolate and marginalize one specific moral code from public utterances and public policy. And that would be the Judeo-Christian moral code.

I don't know about you, but I take offense at that kind of witch-hunting.

...Listen to the nonsense being spewed by Sharon Alexander, the deputy policy director of the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, a homosexual activist group: "When you are in a position of authority like chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, there's no such thing as an off-the-record comment or a statement of your personal opinion. When General Pace speaks, by virtue of who he is and the position he holds, he is speaking for the military. And for him to use his position to express a personal belief about the immorality of homosexuality is irresponsible, at best."

...Of course she doesn't believe what she is saying. What she actually means to say is that no one in public life should dare be free to criticize sodomy, not long ago a crime in all 50 states and now considered by the John Warners of the world enlightened, civilized leisure activity.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi chimed in, of course. She said she was "disappointed in the moral judgment" voiced by Pace. "We need patriotic Americans who exist across the board in our population. We don't need a moral judgment from the chairman of Joint Chiefs."

She doesn't mean it, either. What she means is: "We shouldn't permit moral judgments that differ from mine. We shouldn't allow anyone in public life to rely on the Bible as their personal source of morality."

Had Gen. Pace said he thinks it is time for the military's ban on open homosexual activity to go, that it is immoral to keep it in place, I dare suggest Warner and Pelosi and the rest of the thought police would not have been condemning him for speaking from his own moral convictions. In fact, they would have praised him and used what he had to say as evidence for legislation to do just that.

What we have here, then, is clearly an effort to purge from authority anyone who dares represent the most basic tenets of a Judeo-Christian moral code. It's commendable to preach a new morality. It's forbidden even to admit to believing in the old one.

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I'll go Joseph Farah one further. Not only do liberals and gay activists expect us to abandon Biblical values, they expect us to adopt a value system they are 'making up as they go along..."