Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Heartfelt Plea to Chicago Area Christians: Be Willing to Get Informed

The following letter is one couple’s effort to motivate their church leaders to become aware of the pro-GLBT indoctrination our kids are facing in the public schools:

Although you will read about this in Sunday’s bulletin, we thought we should personally ask you to consider coming to College Church in Wheaton this Sunday night. You will learn about the “gay” indoctrination that children you know and care about in this church — and this would include your own children — are encountering on a regular basis at area schools…

On Sun, Mar 11, at 7:15 pm Culture Campaign is hosting a God, Sex, and the Culture War Education Series Evening entitled:

The Gay Agenda: No Child Left Behind…

My 16-year-old daughter, who goes to [name deleted] ministries with your kids, has told me that there are a number of kids at our church — right now — who don’t know if they are “gay” or not because of the homosexual speakers who have come into the local schools challenging them with such questions as, “How do you know you’re heterosexual?”

My daughter has said to me,

“Mom, our church needs to be talking about this. There are a lot of confused kids at our church over this issue. It is because of the ‘gay’ speakers who come into their schools and talk about homosexuality. Nothing is being taught about it at church, and they really need to be doing something.”

…You, as church leaders, will not minister as effectively as you could if you understood what is creating this new area of counseling… When people walk through your office door, you’re encountering the fruit of this propaganda. By coming to this meeting, you will gather information to instruct you about the root of the problem. With knowledge comes understanding, and with understanding comes help. From a professional standpoint, you need to come Sunday night.

Who is going to be there? A panel comprised of the following:

A Christian teacher [from] a school district whose administration is peppered with gays and lesbians, so that the school very intensely promotes homosexual lifestyles…
A parent who [will explain] how to find out exactly what is being taught [in your local school] and how to respectfully dissent…
The leader of Americans for Truth who will inform you about legal issues and situations that have or will impact you, your family and your parental authority….

[My spouse] and I had the chance to hear a preview of the teacher on the panel. She read a letter written by a transgender student at her school, which he had posted on a public forum for the school to read. As he spoke in his letter of being “messed up in my head every day”, she had to fight back tears. She excused herself, explaining that she knows this boy personally, and he is crying out for help, and no one is giving him any. He is in need of psychological counseling, not encouragement to continue a physically and emotionally destructive lifestyle.

I say this because you may be picturing a room full of hostile, self-righteous people. No! It is the love of Christ that compels us to want to understand and to do all that we can to help…

To underscore the importance of this, let me tell you about my own experience… I also have a brother who practices a homosexual lifestyle. I love him, and because I love him, I want him to be healed…

Because it is so important, I will say again: You cannot effectively minister to families in our church body who will be or who are experiencing the fallout from this promotion of homosexuality without being fully informed as to what is happening in our schools and communities… It is your duty to light the way for us.

[My spouse] and I will be there Sunday for this purpose. We hope to see some of you there, as well. We’ll be looking for some familiar faces.

PS: Don’t have kids in high school or don’t minister to high school kids? This teaching begins as early as kindergarten — no joke.