Monday, September 28, 2015

Virgin Births: IVF Eliminating Fatherhood

Fertility clinics are now furthering the notion of the “synthetic family” by making fathers obsolete in procreation even among non-lesbian women who prefer to give birth prior to sexual intercourse with "Mr. Right."
"Some wish to save sexual intercourse for a special relationship. They feel they have not found the right partner to share sex with, but they know they want a baby now."
-- Tracey Sainsbury, The London Women's Clinic
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-- From "Women who have never had sex give 'virgin birth' through IVF, say doctors" by Jess Staufenberg, UK Independent 9/28/15

About 25 young women in the UK who are hetereosexual and in their twenties have opted for IVF in the past five years because they feel ready to be a parent, doctors told the Mail on Sunday.

Whilst some religious groups have said a child should be brought up in a traditional family, one doctor said these single mothers are often more emotionally and financially stable than others who have been left to bring up a child after a relationship breakdown.

The news follows up a survey in 2013 which showed that one in every 200 women in the US reported to have become pregnant without having had sexual intercourse.

Out of these women, 31% said they had signed a chastity pledge whereby they vow, usually for religious reasons, not to have sex. About 28% of those girls' parents said they rarely talked to them about sex or contraception - compared to only 5% of other women who became pregnant and had had intercourse.

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From "Virgin Births: 25 Heterosexual Women In Britain Have Given Birth Without Ever Having Sex" by Ellen Wallwork, The Huffington Post UK 9/28/15

Fertility treatments have opened up the ways by which women and men can become parents and four British IVF firms have said they had assisted a heterosexual virgin to have a baby: Care Fertility, The London Women’s Clinic, Create Fertility, and the Assisted Reproduction and Gynaecology Centre.

The decision to provide fertility treatment in such cases was criticised by some religious groups, who claimed it undermined the importance of bringing up children in stable marriages, as well as from Josephine Quintavalle, from the group Comment on Reproductive Ethics, who said to the Mail:

"The message from nature is for a male and female to have a child, and I am saddened that we are willing to distort this.

"The diminished role of the father is not desirable for the child. Once you start down this route, where do you stop?"

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From "Rise of the virgin birth: four IVF clinics admit taking on such cases" by Laura Donnelly, Health Editor, UK Telegraph

Fertiilty doctors said single women who had never had sexual intercourse were seeking donor-assisted treatment – at a cost of around £5,000 – because they wanted to have a child now and save sex for a “special relationship”.

Maha Ragunath, medical director of its clinic in Nottingham, said: “The number of single women I see has doubled over the last decade and single women now account for at least ten per cent of my patients.

“A lot of them are very young, in their 20s, sometimes studying or doing very ordinary jobs and often living with their parents, rather than career women who have been driven and focused too much on their work”

“They are extremely happy to go ahead on their own and don’t care about the implications that might bring for the child or how they would go into a new relationship.”

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From "Virgin Births: Women Become Impregnated Thanks To IVF Treatment At British Clinics" by Ted Ranosa, Tech Times 9/28/15

Supporters of the traditional family system, however, have blasted the "distorted" move, stating that it was turning young children into "teddy bears" that are to be "picked off the shelf."

Some religious groups have also claimed that the move undermines the value of having children brought up in a stable marriage, while one leading psychotherapist has warned that a mother who has never been in a relationship could potential harm the development of the child.

Imam Suhaib Hasan, head of the Islamic Sharia Council in the UK, accused doctors engaged in providing IVF treatment to patients of acting like God.

Hasan said that when the man is removed from the aspect of a family, the woman becomes merely a breeding machine. He added that it effectively denies the right of the child to have a father.

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From "Virgin Babies: Side Effects After Birth" by Anna Amad, The Science Times 9/28/15

Professor Robert Winston said "test-tube babies could suffer terrible health problems because the clinics were using IVF techniques which had not been properly tested."

He added, that the risk could include birth defects, genetic damage which may not emerge until adulthood and an increased chance of cancer. The medical profession was ignoring the evidence of problems that could take place.

Aside from that, he stressed the long-term attack of IVF, and follows a growing body of evidence that test tube babies are less healthy than the naturally conceived children.

Conversely, another study had been generated by Lord Winston at over three million normal conceptions and 40,000 IVF babies that found that IVF babies were two and half times more likely to have a low birth weight and prematurity compared to those babies with normal reproduction. Since it is not 100% guaranteed, it can lead to unsuccessful birth cycle.

Winston even stated, that small babies are more likely to grow up to develop vascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and osteoporosis.

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