Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Homosexualist Oregon Persecutes Christian Judge

A county judge who stopped officiating all weddings is being targeted for personal destruction by homosexual activists in Oregon media and even by the Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability, as they investigate every aspect of his life, including his complaints to referees after his son was injured at a soccer game.
"It appears that the commission has thrown everything in but the kitchen sink. The clear issue that they're after me on is that I had stopped doing weddings because I have a firmly held religious conviction."
-- Marion County Circuit Court Judge Vance D. Day
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-- From "Oregon judge accused of blocking gay marriage applicants, hanging Hitler picture" by Shelby Sebens, Reuters 9/8/15

An Oregon judge who refused to perform same-sex marriages is facing multiple complaints in a state ethics investigation, including that he put up a picture of Adolf Hitler in the Salem courthouse, a state judicial commission said on Tuesday.

Patrick Korten, a spokeswoman for Day, said the complaints were baseless. He said the Hitler picture was part of a display to honor the service of veterans in World War Two and not to glorify the Nazi dictator.

Day has retained an attorney and will be allowed to present evidence at a Nov. 9 hearing, according to the judicial commission notice.

The commission could send the complaint to the Oregon Supreme Court if it finds the judge guilty of violating the judicial code of conduct and the state constitution.

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From "Marion County judge accused of hanging Hitler picture in courthouse" by Jonathan J. Cooper, Associated Press 9/8/15

Marion County Judge Vance Day said the Hitler portrait was not intended to glorify the Nazi dictator but was part of a display on democracy's defeat of fascism. Day, a former chairman of the Oregon Republican Party, said he's being targeted because of his Christian beliefs.

Day is the head of the Veterans Treatment Court, which aims to provide intensive monitoring of veterans to treat drug and alcohol problems as an alternative to jail. Several of the allegations against him stem from his interactions with veterans and displays he placed around his courtroom.

When a federal court ruling in May 2014 made same-sex marriage legal in Oregon, Day instructed his staff to refer same-sex couples looking to marry to other judges. Later, he decided to stop performing marriages altogether. Day said same-sex marriage violates his religious beliefs.

While the judicial fitness commission gets dozens of complaints each year, it's rare for one to result in a formal disciplinary proceeding. Since 2007, five judges have been referred to the Supreme Court for sanctions, said Susan Isaacs, the commission's executive director.

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From "Marion Co. judge accused of ethical misconduct" by Hannah Button and Kohr Harlan, KOIN-TV6 (Portland, OR) 9/8/15

“On October 17, 2012, Judge Day attended a soccer game during which his son, Daniel Day, was injured when he collided with another player,” court documents state.

After the game, Judge Day allegedly approached the referees’ table to complain about the performance of a game official. Court documents show he threatened to report the incident to higher authorities.

At another game less than one month later, Judge Day claimed he was physically assaulted while attempting to speak with officials at the referee’s table.

. . . members of his staff were also fearful of his treatment, documents state. Court staff were allegedly not given required breaks for lunch and were expected to stay late on a regular basis.

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From "Faith, marriage and Judge Vance Day" by Steve Duin, The Oregonian 9/8/15

Marion County Circuit Judge Vance Day needs to retire with his "deeply-held religious beliefs," now that the evolving complexity of justice has overwhelmed him.

Day – who attends Morning Star Community Church in Salem – is welcome to [his religious freedom rights under the First Amendment] when he's off the bench. But that faith-based stamp-of-approval is precisely what many couples seek to avoid when they head to the courthouse, rather than the local chapel, to finalize this civil transaction.

Day has had a great deal of time to ponder his Constitutional oath, the requirements of his faith, and his responsibility to ensure that neither his words nor conduct in the courtroom "manifest bias or prejudice."

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From "Oregon judge hit with ethics probe after refusing to do gay ‘marriages’" by Dustin Siggins, LifeSiteNews 9/8/15

An ethics investigation has been launched against an Oregon judge who ordered his staff to recommend same-sex "marriage" requests to other judges, even though he isn't required to perform the ceremonies.

NBC affiliate KGW reports that judges in Day's county are not required to oversee marriages. There are five active judges, and one retired judge, who are able to perform ceremonies on request.

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From "Gays target Oregon judge for purge because he won't participate in perverted weddings" by David Drudge, Catholic Online 9/8/15

Judges are important to the homosexual equivalency movement, which relies on secular support to legally affirm their civil-marriage status. Few churches are willing to participate in what is widely viewed as a perversion of marriage.

The developing issue is whether or not public officials can refuse to perform a legally prescribed duty on the basis of religious conviction. The answer appears to be no, a public official is required to perform all of their duties, regardless. This was the verdict in the case of Kim Davis, an elected county clerk who refused to participate in gay marriages by issuing licenses with her name on them.

In Ohio, the Supreme Court's Board of Professional Conduct also announced its ruling that judges in the state could not refuse to marry same-sex couples on any personal ground, including moral or religious.

This is sadism, akin to Nero. According to legend, Nero often had Christians killed at his parties for spectacle. They could be burned alive as human torches to illuminate his gardens. What the homosexual lobby appears to be doing is something similar. They are actively seeking public officials who disagree with their perversion and they are insisting that they, in particular, burn for their ceremonies. Granted, nobody dies, but the suffering felt by these people who have faithfully served the public all their lives, is very real.

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