Saturday, September 12, 2015

Feds Force Boy into Girls Room, Ohio School Claims

Parents flooded the Northwest Local School District board meeting demanding changes because a male student is being allowed to use the girls restrooms at Northwest Elementary School in McDermott, Ohio.  However, board members deflected blame to the Obama administration's new decree that a 1972 Title IX provision now suddenly requires special accommodations for transgender students.
"When you address it as though it's the board or this district alone, that's not correct. I just want to correct that because this is national thing, this is not our decision. We don't have the power to make a decision like that."
-- Keith Crabtree, president of the Northwest School Board
UPDATE 10/13/15: Illinois School Rejects Fed's Forcing Boy into Girls Shower

For background, read how President Obama has changed restrooms in every school in the nation.

-- From "Parents angry over transgender student's bathroom choice" by Chase Numbers, WBOY-TV12 (Clarksburg, WV) 9/9/15

As frustrated parents voiced their concerns during a Tuesday night board of education meeting, board members simply explained their hands are tied.

While unisex bathrooms are available, school officials cannot force a student to use them.

"If you have a child who has boy anatomy, let him go to the boys restroom," said Karen Jones, one of many upset parents in the district. "If you have a child who has girls anatomy let them go to the girls restroom. It's simple."

The school board is standing firm that the opinions of other parents do not trump the rights of its students

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From "Local transgender elementary school student prompts concerns and changes" by Randy Yohe, WOWK-TV13 (Charleston, WV) 9/4/15

"We're dealing with a transgender student at the elementary school; it's all new to us," Northwest Local Schools Superintendent Todd Jenkins said.

Many schools around the area already have policies for transgender faculty and staff.

Jenkins said there may be specific transgender student policies created down the road, but it's all about following Title IX guidelines for now.

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