Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Protests: Missouri Gay Boy in Girls Locker Room

Students staged a walkout and parents stormed the Hillsboro R-3 School District board meeting in Jefferson County, Missouri because administrators gave permission for a 17-year-old boy, going by the name Perry, to use the girls locker room rather than using the available private restroom.  Perry is a cross-dressing Hillsboro High School senior, a white male who previously said he was homosexual but now says he's a girl; he likens townsfolk to racists who segregated black people.
"I wasn't hurting anyone and I didn't want to feel segregated out. I didn't want to be in the gender-neutral bathroom. I am girl, I shouldn't be pushed off to another bathroom."
-- Perry
UPDATE 9/12/15: Feds Force Boy into Girls Room, Ohio School Board Claims

UPDATE 10/13/15: Illinois School Rejects Fed's Forcing Boy into Girls Shower

UPDATE 4/2/16: Toilets NOT in Restrooms will be New Design for Transgender Agenda

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-- From "School split over transgender student using girls bathroom" by The Associated Press 9/2/15

Lila Perry said she wants to be treated like other female students and told school administrators she wasn't content in continuing to use a unisex faculty bathroom this year, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

The 17-year-old's decision prompted some students to leave the campus Monday, following last week's school board meeting in which parents expressed concern Perry was receiving special rights at the expense of other students.

Superintendent Aaron D. Cornman declined to comment to the newspaper on the issue, but gave a written statement that said the district respects the rights of all students and "appreciates the fact that the students we are educating are willing to stand on their belief system and to support their cause/beliefs through their expression of free speech."

His statement adds the district accepts all students no matter their race, gender or sexual orientation.

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From "A transgender teen used the girls’ locker room. Now her community is up in arms." by Michael E. Miller, Washington Post 9/2/15

For two hours, approximately 150 students stood in front of Hillsboro High School to protest a transgender teen’s use of the girls’ facilities.

It’s not just her fellow students that are upset over Perry’s use of the girls’ bathroom and locker room. The issue has roiled this town, thrusting a quaint community of about 3,000 into the national spotlight. Last week, a school board meeting had to be moved after too many people attended to discuss Perry. And on Monday afternoon, the protesting students — who comprised about 13 percent of the school — were joined by angry adults.

When school began on Aug. 13, Perry told school administrators that she wanted to use the girls’ bathroom and locker room, instead of the unisex bathroom she had used as a junior.

The school consented, in accordance with guidelines from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights that say students should be allowed to use facilities in accordance with their gender identification [per the Obama administration's recent statements].

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From "Protest staged over transgender student’s right to use girl’s locker room" by Joe Millitzer, KTVI-TV2 (St. Louis, MO) 8/31/15

. . . Perry has now dropped gym class this semester. She will no longer be using the women’s locker room but she still uses the women’s restroom.

She came out last February and used the gender-neutral faculty restroom for gym class last semester.

Parents are saying that their daughters are uncomfortable with the situation. Even though Perry wears dresses and a wig, she is still physically a male.

Derrick Good, a parent of two girls at Hillsboro and an attorney told FOX 2, “They should have the ability to do whatever they need to do in the privacy of the bathroom without having a male in there.”

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From "Over 150 High Schoolers Stage Walkout Protest After Trans Student Seeks to Use Girls' Locker Room" by Samuel Smith, Christian Post Reporter 9/1/15

After dozens of parents showed up to a school board meeting at Hillsboro High School last Thursday to discuss their concerns over a senior transgender student's desire to use the girls' locker room and bathrooms, students and parents took to the school's parking lot on Monday to tell administrators they won't allow girls' privacy rights to be infringed upon to provide special accommodation.

Even though Perry, who previously identified as gay, publicly announced her transgenderism just last school year, she claims she has identified as female since the age of 13.

Last year, Perry did not take physical education, and therefore did not need to use the girls' locker rooms. When it came to using the restrooms, Perry was told to use the unisex bathroom facilities.

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From "Hillsboro High students walk out over transgender dispute" by Doug Moore, St. Louis Post-Dispatch 9/1/15

Students and parents interviewed after the walkout were overwhelmingly in support of keeping Lila, 17, out of the school facilities for girls.

Skyla Thompson, 16, refers to Lila as her best friend. She said Lila often stays at Skyla’s house overnight while Lila’s family tries to come to grips with their child identifying as transgender.

Districts that refuse to allow students to use a bathroom for the gender with which they identify could run afoul of the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, said Kelli Hopkins of the Missouri School Boards’ Association.

“The Office of Civil Rights has issued an opinion that says, if you do this, you have engaged in gender discrimination,” Hopkins said. “At the same time, there is no case law or statute in Missouri that says this is against the law.”

Schools found to have violated a student’s civil rights are at risk of losing some of their federal funding, Hopkins said.

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From "Missouri Teenagers Protest a Transgender Student’s Use of the Girls’ Bathroom" by Karen Workman, New York Times 9/1/15

“My goal is for the district and parents to have a policy discussion,” said Derrick Good, a lawyer who has two daughters in the district and wants students to use either facilities based on their biological sex or other gender-neutral facilities.

He worked with the Alliance Defending Freedom [ADF], a Christian advocacy group, to draft a “student physical privacy policy” and submit it to the district, which has about 3,500 students.

Mr. Good said he got involved after hearing about a female student who encountered “an intact male” in the girls’ locker room.

“It’s a violation of my daughters’ rights to privacy to not have a policy,” he said.

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From "Does This School’s Transgender Bathroom Policy Violate Student Privacy?" by Kate Scanlon, The Daily Signal 8/27/15

“Protecting students from inappropriate exposure to the opposite sex is not only perfectly legal, it’s a school district’s duty,” ADF legal counsel Matt Sharp said in a statement. “Letting boys into girls’ locker rooms and restrooms is an invasion of privacy and a threat to student safety.”

“Instead of protecting children, the school district is needlessly creating an environment that invites violations of student privacy,” said ADF senior legal counsel Jeremy Tedesco in the statement. “The first duty of school district officials is to protect the children who attend school. The ADF model policy demonstrates that schools can accommodate the desires of a small number of students without compromising the rights of other children and their parents.”

In the letter to school district officials, Sharp and Tedesco, along with other signatories, write that “[w]e seek to reaffirm the commonsense proposition that compelling students to share restrooms and locker rooms with members of the opposite sex violates their right to bodily privacy and would not only lead to potential legal liability for the School District and its employees, but would also violate students’ and parents’ fundamental rights.”

They argue that “no federal law requires public schools to open sex-specific restrooms, showers, and changing areas to opposite-sex students,” and “providing such access violates the fundamental rights of the vast majority of students and parents.”

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