Friday, July 31, 2015

Court Orders Lesbian Teachers back in NY School

After years of legal battling, the Manhattan Supreme Court closed the book on the November 2009 lesbian classroom romp of Alini Brito and Cindy Mauro that initially led to their firings, then suspensions, and now reinstatement with back pay and financial penalty to the taxpayers.  School employees had discovered the two naked women on the floor engaged in oral sex — an act first claimed by the pair to be Mauro checking Brito for low blood sugar (Mauro's head was between Brito's legs).

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-- From "'Horndog High' teacher says NYC Ed Department gave her ‘unfair’ 2-year suspension for after-school tryst with female colleague in suit" by Dareh Gregorian, New York Daily News 7/22/15

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Cindy Mauro, 39, says the city Department of Education — which already tried unsuccessfully to boot her because of her after-hours schoolroom tryst with another romance language teacher — has slapped her with an unfair two-year suspension.

Alini Brito, her complaint points out, got slapped with just a one-year suspension for the "same exact incident and misconduct."

In court papers, a lawyer for Cindy Mauro, . . . who was spotted by school employees topless in a classroom with teacher said other teachers had received significantly less severe penalties for crimes and inappropriate misconduct involving students and even other teachers.

They were initially fired and sued to get their jobs back. A state appeals court said that firing was too harsh a penalty, because they were "consenting adults" and no children witnessed the after-hours hookup.

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From "Teacher suspended for romp with colleague to be back in school" by Julia Marsh, New York Post 7/22/15

. . . Mauro, 39, will return to school in September, and will receive three years of back pay, according to new court papers.

But that’s not enough for the randy French teacher. In a Manhattan lawsuit, Mauro is demanding a simple written reprimand, a measly $2,500 fine, and full back pay.

The DOE hearing officer who imposed the two-year suspension, Michael Lazan, reasoned that Brito was “terrified and begged” her assistant principal “not to tell” anyone when she was caught topless with Mauro “between [her] legs,” according to court papers.

Mauro’s reaction, however, “was at best blase,” Lazan wrote in his ruling. Mauro claimed the sexual encounter was “only a kiss” and “made light of the whole situation, as if nothing had happened.”

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From "Court Orders Rehiring of 2 Brooklyn Teachers in Misconduct Case" by Ariel Kaminer, New York Times 3/21/14

A custodian heard noises, peered inside and, he said, saw a woman on the floor, topless. He alerted security. A school safety agent then barged into the room, the judge wrote, and “saw a brunette woman (Brito is dark haired) completely naked, lying on the floor” and “a blond woman (Mauro is light haired) also naked on top of the brunette.”

They instantly became the most famous teachers in New York City, winning their school the tabloid nickname of “Horndog High.” But though it all might have sounded like the stuff of overheated high school fantasy, it had some very grown-up consequences: They were fired.

Their case has gone through a series of twists, the latest this week, when an appeals court ruled, more than four years after the episode, that Ms. Brito and Ms. Mauro must be put back on the city’s payroll.

During the initial arbitration process, Ms. Brito and Ms. Mauro argued that there had been no impropriety whatsoever. Ms. Brito — who had required medical attention in the past — said she was suffering from reactive hypoglycemia, and Ms. Mauro was attending to her by laying her down, getting her sugar packets and elevating her feet, they said. Other than a sweater, which had been repurposed as a pillow for Ms. Brito, they said they were both fully dressed. They lost.

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From "One 'Horndog High' Lesbian Tryst Teacher CAN'T Return To Classroom" by Ben Yakas, Gothamist 6/29/12

Judge Robert Torres upheld an arbitrator’s decision to fire Cindy Mauro, a former French instructor at Brooklyn’s James Madison High School, as “rational and with plausible basis.” Mauro had allegedly been spotted by a janitor half naked in a classroom lounging between the legs of a topless Brito; both women denied anything steamy was happening, with Brito insisting that Mauro was simply checking her blood sugar. City lawyers argued that there was no medical equipment found with the women, and the two had climbed six flights of stairs to get to the room, passing multiple classrooms and more than one bathroom on the way.

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From "Teachers who ‘had sex in class’ can’t be fired: court" by Julia Marsh and Georgett Roberts, New York Post 3/20/14

The Manhattan appellate judges said foreign-language teachers Alini Brito, 34, and Cindy Mauro, 38, were treated too harshly when they were dismissed for engaging in a topless classroom tryst inside Brooklyn’s James Madison HS in 2009.

The ruling stunned fellow teachers, who feared the judges have given a green light to all sorts of kinky classroom sleaze.

“[It] sets a poor example for other teachers. They may think they can do it, too,” fumed one James Madison teacher, who asked not to be named.

The ruling also shocked students at the school, which became known as “Horndog High” after news spread of Brito and Mauro’s canoodling. “A student could have walked in on them,” said 10th-grader Tiffany Kagan.

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From "Brooklyn teachers wrongly fired after sex allegations, court rules" by Charisma L. Miller, Esq., Brooklyn Daily Eagle 3/21/14

The teachers challenged the [initial] arbitration, Brito in Manhattan and Mauro in the Bronx, yielding separate results. The Bronx County Supreme Court upheld Mauro’s firing, causing Mauro to further appeal to a higher appellate court. The presiding justice in Brito’s appeal to Manhattan’s Supreme Court concluded with the presiding justice discounting the hearing officer’s observations and vacating Mauro’s firing. The DOE subsequently challenged the finding.

Brito’s and the DOE’s separate challenges were heard by the same panel of Appellate Division, 1st Department justices as they involved the same set of facts despite competing demands for relief.

In the cases against Mauro and Brito, the justices found each firing to be improper and excessive.

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