Monday, September 08, 2014

Mich. Catholic School Attacked for Firing Lesbian

Yet another teacher at a Roman Catholic school has emerged from the shadows as a lesbian resulting in her being fired for breach of contract.  This time it's Barbara Webb, 33, who two years ago secretly married Kristen Lasecki, 33, in Canada, but is now unnaturally pregnant and legally unmarried in Michigan, thus violating multiple aspects of the morality clause of Marian High School in suburban Bloomfield Hills near Detroit.
“My job can’t be saved but the torment that the poor LGBT students at Marian must be feeling … the other LGBT staff … and those that are silenced by fear can be helped. It is only when the masses can stand up to injustice that we all may have a chance to fulfill our life dreams and ambitions.”
-- Barbara Webb, lesbian activist

“[The Catholics] always ask for donations and this could be a great opportunity for people to say I’m not going to donate until this issue is addressed. Let’s put them into action.”
-- Maris Ballas Schultz, a 2001 Marian High School graduate in Chicago

“Philanthropy has become important for Catholic schools, [withholding donations] is a way to enact change.”
-- Hilary Levey Friedman, a 1998 Marian High School graduate

“Barb and her partner are choosing to do things exactly the way the Catholic Church wants things done. They're married, they're in a loving relationship, they're choosing to have a family together … and we should be supporting that, not punishing them. So I'm hoping Marian will see this support for change and re-think the entire morality clause in the contract.”
-- Molly Doherty O'Shea Gallucci, a 1983 Marian High School graduate and 6-year member of Marian Board of Directors
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UPDATE 7/13/15: Pennsylvania Catholic School's Secret Lesbian Fired

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-- From "Gay teacher says Catholic school fired her for getting pregnant" by Gail Sullivan, Washington Post 9/8/14

When she told her employer she was pregnant, she says she was given two options: resign or be fired.

The [school morality] clause forbids teachers from publicly engaging in or endorsing “actions or beliefs directly contrary to the teachings and standards of the Roman Catholic faith and morality.”

The Catholic church forbids artificial insemination and homosexual relationships.

In August, the school offered to pay for her healthcare through May if she left quietly, Webb said. She refused. Not just because the offer was insulting to her, but she felt it sent the wrong message to her students.

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From "Support grows for gay teacher who says pregnancy cost her job" by Katrease Stafford, Detroit Free Press Staff Writer 9/6/14

The firing of a former chemistry teacher at a Catholic, all-girls school in Bloomfield Hills for what she believes was her “nontraditional” pregnancy has sparked outrage across the nation, spurring an outpouring of support and a social media and letter-writing campaign.

The news of Webb’s firing spread across social media on Aug. 27 after she announced her termination in a Facebook post that was shared more than 1,000 times. Webb said she learned she was pregnant in June and told her employer in July and was fired in mid-August.

An employee at the school who asked not to be identified because of fear of reprisal said staff members were told not to discuss Webb’s firing.

“We’ve let Barb know that if it would help her, we would step down in support of her,” the staffer said. “We are willing to support Barb when she decides what avenue she would like to pursue. There was a letter going around all the students in support of Barb. We believe it is wrong.”

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From "Supporters rally for gay, pregnant teacher fired from Catholic school" by Marlon A. Walker, Detroit Free Press Staff Writer 9/7/14

Protesters holding signs promoting human rights for all citizens lined Lahser Road in front of Marian High School on Sunday morning to support a gay, pregnant teacher who was fired from the Catholic girls school.

More than 100 people attended Sunday’s nearly two-hour rally.

Brigid Johnson, 17, a senior at Marian, said the teacher’s absence was not explained to students. Teachers have told students they are forbidden to speak about it, she said.

She and other students joined in the demonstration Sunday, too, carrying signs and waving flags in solidarity.

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From "Dozens of demonstrators show support for fired Marian High School teacher" by Jay Grossman, 9/7/14

Over 70 people showed up for the demonstration. Several Facebook pages have been started in support of Webb, attracting thousands of supporters from around the country – the majority of which are graduates from Marian.

Diana Callaghan from the class of 2002 at Marian isn't surprised by the growing movement.

"I'm impressed but not surprised," Callaghan said. "The Marian community has fostered many women who are very strong-minded. If you look at the Facebook pages, people are writing some of the most beautiful messages of support. I don't think this is new that our community is in support of diversity."

"I'm just very confused about the school's decision," said Jane Bonanata, a Beverly Hills resident who graduated from Marian in 1979. "I don't understand it because the IHM Sisters taught us deep faith, to have a courageous spirit and to stand up for social justice … to me, they should be leading the change here."

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