Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Americans NOT For 'Gay Marriage' or Anal Sex: Poll

The latest survey by Pew Research shows that fewer Americans, less than half, are in favor of same-sex marriage — apparently because so many Americans believe that homosexual sex is sinful behavior.  The same poll also finds a backlash by the public against President Obama's limits on freedom of religion in his war on Christianity.

UPDATE 4/29/15: Gallup Poll Finds Almost No Americans Want a 'Homosexual Marriage'

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Also read about states passing religious liberty laws to protect citizens and their businesses from lawsuits by homosexualists and/or fines by courts, and to ensure the free practice of religion without government interference.

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-- From "Survey: Just Under Half of Americans Back Gay Marriage" posted at NBC News 9/22/14

The Pew Research Center survey conducted in early September found 49 percent of Americans say they are in favor of allowing gays to marry — a five-point drop from a February survey. . . . The poll, which measured views on religion and public life, also found that half the public sees homosexuality as a sin, a slight increase from a year ago. That opinion was highest among white evangelicals. Americans are split on whether businesses such as caterers and florists should be allowed to opt out of same-sex events for religious reasons.

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From "Poll: Support for Gay Marriage May Be Leveling Off" by Rachel Zoll, Associated Press 9/22/14

[The Pew poll showed the] percentage of those opposed [to same-sex marriage] increased during that same period, from 39 percent in February to 41 percent last month.

Nearly half of all the respondents said businesses that provide services for weddings, such as florists, should be allowed to deny service to same-sex couples if the owners have religious objections. The Pew survey also found the percentage of people who consider gay relationships sinful had increased from 45 percent a year ago to 50 percent last month . . .

[A researcher with the Pew Religion and Public Life Project, Jessica] Martinez said the drop in support in the Pew poll was not driven by any particular religious or political group in the sample, but was a change across the board. Pew used similar groups of respondents in terms of political and religious views for both surveys, she said. The number of Americans who told Pew they were undecided on gay marriage increased from 7 percent in February to 10 percent last month.

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From "Half the Country Still Believes Gay Sex Is a Sin" by Ellis E. Conklin, Seattle Weekly 9/23/14

According to a new Pew poll on religion in public life, exactly half of the respondents said they consider “homosexual behavior” sinful, a five-percentage-point increase since May 2013. White evangelicals and black protestants are particularly down on gay sex, with more than 75 percent of each group viewing a sexual encounter among homosexuals as a sin.

Also, on the question of whether businesses such as caterers and florists should be forced to provide their services at same-sex weddings, again Americans were split, with 49 percent saying vendors should be required to serve at gay ceremonies, while 47 percent said they should be allowed to refuse.

The recent Pew poll was based on telephone inquires conducted Sept. 2 to Sept. 9 with 2,002 adults over the age of 18.

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From "More Americans see religion’s influence waning, want bigger role in politics: Pew poll" by Mary Wisniewski, Reuters 9/23/14

Nearly three-quarters of the public think religion is losing influence in American life and a growing number want religion to play more of a role in politics, according to a poll released on Monday.

. . . a growing minority of Americans, up to 32 percent from 22 percent in 2002, think churches should endorse candidates for political office, the poll found.

The poll also found that a declining share of Americans see the Obama administration as friendly toward religion, to 30 percent from 37 percent in 2009.

The belief that the administration is unfriendly to religion rose by 19 percentage points since 2009 among both white evangelical Christians and white Catholics, the poll found. Leaders from both these groups have been vocal opponents of the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate, which they say restricts religious liberty.

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From "Public Sees Religion’s Influence Waning" by Pew Research Religion and Public Life Project 9/22/14

About a third of evangelical Christians (34%), including 42% of white evangelical Protestants, and one-in-five Catholics (18%) say it has become more difficult to be a member of their religious group in recent years. Roughly one-in-ten religious “nones” (8%) say it has become harder to be a person with no religion in the U.S. in recent years, while 31% say it has become easier. About half or more in each of these groups say the ease or difficulty of being a member of their group hasn’t changed much either way.

A larger share of the general public sees the Republican Party as friendly toward religion (47%) than sees the Democratic Party that way (29%).

[Overall, the Pew survey] findings reflect a widening divide between religiously affiliated Americans and the rising share of the population that is not affiliated with any religion (sometimes called the “nones”). The public’s appetite for religious influence in politics is increasing in part because those who continue to identify with a religion (e.g., Protestants, Catholics and others) have become significantly more supportive of churches and other houses of worship speaking out about political issues and political leaders talking more often about religion. The “nones” are much more likely to oppose the intermingling of religion and politics.

Heading into the 2014 elections, recent Pew Research polls find a great deal of stability in the partisan preferences of religious groups. For example, large majorities of black Protestants, Jews and religiously unaffiliated voters continue to identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party. At the other end of the spectrum, white evangelical Protestant voters continue to be staunchly supportive of the GOP. Nearly three-quarters of white evangelicals identify with or lean toward the Republican Party . . .

But the new poll also finds some signs of discontent within the GOP among its supporters . . . Evangelical Republicans who express discontent with the GOP would like to see it move in a more conservative direction on abortion, same-sex marriage and immigration, but non-evangelicals within the GOP are more conflicted over whether the party should move in a more conservative or a more liberal direction on these matters.

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