Monday, September 01, 2014

Thousands vs. Atheists, Prayer at Florida Football

Townsfolk packed the Apopka High School football game Friday, including hundreds who joined the team on the field to give God the glory in response to the ban on volunteer chaplains enacted by the county school board due to a threatening letter from the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation.
"We're going to fight for what we believe in and we're going to stand for it."
-- Amy Moore, local prayer organizer
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-- From "Hundreds 'cover the field' to support praying Apopka football team" by Kristin Giannas, Reporter, WKMG-TV6 (Orlando, FL) 8/30/14

It's a tradition of faith that parents and students at Apopka High School refuse to break. A defeated football team "covered the field" in prayer Friday night.

"Even though we lost tonight, no matter what, we will always give glory to God," said Gavin Johnson over the megaphone.

He was surrounded by his team and hundreds of people from the community.

The parents plan on voicing their concerns at the next school board meeting.

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From "Prayer at football games sparks controversy in Apopka" by Joel Schipper, Reporter, Channel 13 8/29/14

Glen Baer is one of thousands of fans who showed up to show support for the Apopka High School football team Friday night, but Baer’s not here for the game.

"I don’t care about the football game just as much as I do making sure prayer is able to stay in schools or at least have that option if they choose to," said Baer.

Florida Law authorizes school districts to allow students to deliver prayers and "inspirational messages" at student assemblies, like football games and rallies. Adults, however, are not allowed to influence or lead those prayers on school grounds. The bill was passed and signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott in 2012.

"I am so done with this whole movement of pushing God out of our society and out of these kids’ lives – they need that more than anything, right now," said Lorri Tolliver, the parent of a cheerleader.

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