Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sex in Jersey Kindergarten, Nobody Blames Culture

School officials in rural Mullica Township, New Jersey want to fire teacher Kelly Mascio for finding two of her 5-year-old students naked in the bathroom (when asked, the girl and boy told Mascio they were "having sex"), but the union is defending the teacher.  "Experts" are not sure what the children were up to, but say it may be a case of bullying.

Perhaps some are wondering if the students were practicing "safe sex" as taught in public schools or if they were role-playing their home media viewing.

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-- From "Kindergarten Kids Found Naked in Bathroom" posted at WZTV-TV17 (Nashville) 2/24/14

According to the police report, teacher Kelly Mascio found the two five-year-old students naked in the in-class bathroom together. When she asked what was going on, the kids said they were having sex.

Mascio reported the incident to her principal who in-turn called the authorities. Mascio was then immediately suspended. Mascio, a teacher for 15 years, could now lose her job.

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From "Kindergartners 'having sex' in Mullica Township could be harmless or heinous, say experts" by Mark Daniels, South Jersey Times 2/26/14

. . . Experts however, wonder whether the students were engaged in normal curious behavior, or if in fact a serious crime had occurred.

"They may have just looked at each other. We don’t know,” said Rutgers University Camden Professor Tara Woolfolk, a social psychologist with a doctorate in human development and family studies, for the report. “Then again, there could have been peer sexual abuse.”

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From "Mullica kindergarten teacher could be fired after finding students naked in bathroom" by Michelle Brunetti, Press of Atlantic City 2/23/14

Superintendent Brenda Harring-Marro has filed tenure charges against the teacher, Kelly Mascio, of Mullica Township, said Mullica Township Education Association President Barbara Rheault.

“Our main concern is that the administration has completely forgone all traditional disciplinary avenues available in handling the incident,” said Rheault, who is also a township committeewoman. “The administration has selected a disciplinary route that has resulted in enormous emotional and professional turmoil, and has strained the confidence and trust of school staff, parents and community members.”

The Board of Education met Wednesday night in executive session to determine whether to certify the charges, which would bring the issue before a state arbitrator to decide if Mascio can be fired.

About 200 people came out in Mascio’s support, but the board refused to tell the public whether it had certified the complaint, Rheault said.

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