Thursday, February 20, 2014

Iowa Univ. Removes Religious Propaganda = Bibles

After a single guest of the Hotel Memorial Union at Iowa State University informed the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), university administrators were more than happy to comply with a threatening letter from the atheist organization by removing Gideon Bibles from all 52 guest rooms.

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-- From "Iowa university hotel removes Bibles after protest from state-church watchdog" by AHN, posted at Gant Daily (Clearfield, PA) 2/19/14

“The concern you raised about the availability of Bibles in the guest rooms of the Memorial Union has been taken under advisement and, effective March 1, 2014, the Bibles will be removed from the Hotel rooms,” said Richard S. Reynolds, director of the union, in a Feb. 13 e-mail response to FFRF’s complaint.

An FFRF member from Iowa saw the Bible while staying in the hotel and complained to the foundation that the book was an unwelcome religious propaganda. The FFRF later told the university that the hotel is part of the Iowa public university system and placing the Bibles in the room constitute a support of one religion over another in violation of the constitutional provision on separation of the church and state.

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From "Bibles to be removed from Iowa State hotel rooms after guest complaint" by Sharyn Jackson, Des Moines Register 2/17/14

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, a national group with around 150 Iowa members, wrote a letter Jan. 29 to Richard S. Reynolds, director of the union requesting removal of the Bibles.

“We’re delighted to see reason and the Constitution prevailing,” said Freedom From Religion Foundation co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor, in a statement. “We can all sleep easier knowing secularism is being honored at our public universities.”

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From "Iowa State University to Remove Bibles From Hotel After Atheists Object to 'Unwelcome Propaganda'" by Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post Reporter 2/18/14

[Iowa State] Freshmen Mark Ivey, who identifies as a Christian, commented, "I'd tell them it's 2014 and there are a lot bigger issues on the table than to complain about a book with 400 pages being in your nightstand."

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