Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Abortion is What She Wants, Says Valentines Ad

While the annual National Condom Day is celebrated on college campuses across the nation on February 14th, a new video advertisement by Planned Parenthood tells men that nothing says "I love you" like an abortion for Valentines Day.

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-- From "Planned Parenthood: Women need abortions for Valentine’s Day" by Caroline May, Daily Caller 2/10/14

In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, House Democrats have been calling for people to use social media to say what they believe women need for Valentine’s Day, using a heart shaped template to do so.

Monday, [Planned Parenthood President Cecile] Richards tweeting out a Vine of herself holding the heart sign filled with items like “safe + legal abortions,” “maternity care,” “Planned Parenthood,” “cancer screenings” “birth control,” “really radical stuff.“

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From "Ten On-Campus Valentine’s Events That Won’t Break the Bank" by Jamie Vaughn, University Press (Florida Atlantic University) 2/12/14

Ever hear the saying, “Safe sex is great sex so wear a latex?” Well, the Office of Health and Wellness must have because they are encouraging students to stop by the Breezeway for free condoms on National Condom Day.

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From "For Planned Parenthood the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day is Abortion" by Andrew Bair, National Right to Life News Today 2/10/14

At one time, abortion proponents hid behind the slogan “safe, legal and rare” to characterize their support for abortion-on-demand. Now, Planned Parenthood’s CEO openly celebrates abortion, taking a holiday about love and making it about abortion.

The violence of abortion is not what women need for Valentine’s Day, or any other day throughout the year. The unborn child, whose life is taken from them, sometimes in excruciating pain, is not the only victim in an abortion. Their mothers are left to bear the loss, many suffering incomprehensible grief and regret in silence for the rest of their lives.

True love stands with women and their unborn children, working to eliminate the circumstances that make abortion even considerable.

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