Sunday, February 16, 2014

America Going to Hell; Christians Lose Convictions

When Christian Americans survey the surrounding culture in decay, the finger of blame must be directed to the failure of too many Christians to live by Biblical convictions, and especially the failure of church leaders.  God's judgement on such a wayward nation is inevitable and is plainly visible today.

Will Christians take personal risks, and will churches risk criticism by the PC police, likely causing a loss of donations, in order to steer America back in the right direction?

UPDATE 8/15/14: Study Finds Pastors Conceal Culture Truth to be Successful

UPDATE 7/25/14: Pastors Who Avoid Gay Agenda Deserve Hell, Says Rev. Franklin Graham

For background, read about Christian citizens who stand up to atheist threats and also read about Christian government officials who pass laws restoring prayer to public schools, and read about a governor who is condemned for "acting Christian."

Also read about Christians leading the nation to oppose abortion including Church leaders and of so many state legislators who pass laws restricting abortion.

In addition, read how God intervened in Illinois to delay the Gay Agenda when church leaders took risks by acting.

Full sermon by Dr. Charles Stanley (HD video)

-- From "The Courage to Stand by Your Convictions" by Dr. Charles Stanley of In Touch Ministries 2/16/14

A conviction is a belief that is considered true and worthy of maintaining regardless of the consequences.

However, today we live in a generation that is being persuaded that there are no absolute moral truths. Instead of relying upon the truths in the Bible, each person is left to decide what is right in his own eyes. Because there are no standards, our society has become ungodly, immoral, unsafe, and worthy of God’s judgment. We need to turn from this dangerous situation and stand firmly, without compromise, for our biblical beliefs.

[As the Bible shows,] Daniel is a perfect example of a man who lived according to his strong scriptural convictions. He was willing to stand for them even when doing so could have cost him his life.

Courage is needed to fulfill God’s assignments for our lives.

Daniel’s determination to live in obedience to the Lord set an example for the other Jewish youths who were living in that heathen society. . . . Daniel could not be bought off or frightened into compromise because he had nothing to fear as long as his convictions were founded on God’s Word. . . . He didn’t just know the Word and love the Lord; he proved it with his obedience.

As believers, we make an impact in others’ lives by [boldly] living for Christ without compromising our values.

God is looking for people like Daniel—followers of Christ who will stand by their godly convictions, even in the face of threat or temptation to compromise for profit. Use your God-given convictions to guide your actions.

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Also read Dr. Charles Stanley Warns America of Socialism, and Calls for Prayer

In addition, read Congressman Says Prayer is Needed to Solve America's Problems

Also view "The Courage to Face Opposition:"
UPDATE 7/4/15: Dr. Charles Stanley hosts David & Jason Benham to present how God used the homosexualists' attack on the Benham Brothers' HGTV "Flip It Forward" TV show.

UPDATE 7/4/15 - Dr. Charles Stanley calls for an American Christian remnant to live out 2 Chronicles 7:14 (video):

UPDATE: 2/21/14 From "Where are all the godly men?" by Jason K. Allen, president of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Mo.

Given the complexity of modern ministry, many churches prioritize giftedness and experience above godliness in their candidates for ministry. Churches often look for competent administrators, capable speakers, polished people skills, a cute family and other secondary concerns before assessing the heart. Like ancient Israel, we have the propensity to look on the outward; all the while God looks on the heart.

. . . The "peer pressure" of ministry is oriented toward events, products, conferences and materials. It is as though the paraphernalia and garnishes of ministry have displaced the more biblical and eternal aspects, like godliness.

. . . Clearly, the New Testament prioritizes godliness in the life of the minister. The qualifications for ministry found in 1 Timothy 3:1–7 and Titus 1:6–9 deal almost exclusively with character, with little reference to giftedness beyond the ability to teach. Thus the timeless ministerial admonition, "Beware of letting your talent gain you a ministry position that your character cannot keep you in."

. . . Perhaps revival will not arrive in the pew until it first arrives in the pulpit. It may well be that the greatest need of the church is godly men who shepherd the flock of God with holiness and grace.

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UPDATE 5/23/14: Sen. Ted Cruz' father, Rev. Rafael Cruz says pastors must engage/lead the nation (video):

UPDATE 3/27/15: From "A Call to Prayer" by Dr. Charles Stanley, In Touch Ministries (watch the full sermon video)

We are living in one of the most dangerous periods in history. Every day we see more crime and corruption, and the effects of a growing hatred toward the things of God. But because of our Lord’s faithful promises, there is always hope.

Dr. Stanley reminds us that It is only when we seek God, turn from our sin, and submit to His will that our nation—and our world—will be free. As we spend time with the Lord each day, we must remember to pray with passion and perseverance for our churches, our country’s leaders, and the challenges facing our nation. And let’s remember to thank our heavenly Father for His love and His willingness to heal our land.

Ask God to intervene to protect children, biblical marriages, and relieve those trapped in poverty.

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