Monday, September 09, 2013

American Kids Killed by Chemical Weapons: Abortion

President Obama and myriad other pro-abortion politicians are grieving over hundreds of Syrian children killed by chemical weapons, yet not a tear is shed for more than 3,000 American children killed daily.  And while horrifying images of these Syrian victims are flooding American airwaves, the media blackout of horrific images of American victims of abortion continues.

For background, read of Barack Obama's opposition to protection for infants born alive during abortion procedures. and also listen to Barack Obama argue that abortionists can be trusted to care for live babies born during an attempted abortion (audio):

And yet, More Abortionists Admit Killing Kids After Birth

UPDATE 3/29/14: Supreme Court hears how abortifacients (chemical weapons) murder American children

-- From "WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Obama administration releases horrifying footage of nerve gas attacks in Syria" by Bill Hutchinson, New York Daily News 9/9/13

Horrific new videos of Syrian men, women and children in the throes of a sarin gas attack were released Sunday even as [Syrian] dictator Bashar Assad continued to deny he ordered the atrocities.

The 13 videos . . . include ghastly images of victims sprawled on a floor foaming at the mouth and convulsing and gasping for air.

“Those videos make it clear to people that these are real human beings, real children, parents being affected in ways that are unacceptable to anybody, anywhere, by any standards,” [Secretary of State John] Kerry said.

“The question now is for Congress to resolve this week is, are there consequences for a dictator who would have used those weapons to gas to death hundreds of children?” [White House Chief of Staff Denis] McDonough said on “Fox News Sunday.”

A total of 13 videos were released in what the government is hoping is a convincing argument.

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From "Rep. Wasserman Schultz: As a mother, I have a searing imprint of chemical weapons victims" posted at CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper 9/4/13

[Democratic Party Chair Debbie] Wasserman Schultz said House members should put aside partisan politics, and pay close attention to national security when debating authorization for action in Syria.

Wasserman Schultz also said the U.S. has a "moral imperative" as "the strongest nation on earth" to respond when a dictator violates an international norm against using chemical weapons.

"As a mother, to me, I have an indelible searing imprint on my mind after seeing the pictures of those babies lined up. We have a moral responsibility to respond," said Wasserman Schultz.

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From "Democratic Party Chair Heartbroken by Kids Killed in Syria, But Supports Abortion" by Lauren Enriquez, 9/6/13

[Florida Congresswoman Debbie] Wasserman Shultz has spent her career ensuring that chemical and other forms of death continue to be protected by law and carried out on the babies in her own country.

Wasserman Schultz, like any compassionate human being, is appalled by the use of chemical weapons on children. But she has created a false dichotomy by working to ensure that American babies can be killed by the chemical weapon of a saline abortion, in which a woman’s uterus is filled with a saline solution that eats away at the inside and outside of the baby until it is burned to death in utero.

Wasserman Schultz also works to ensure that other babies can be killed by the RU-486 chemical abortion, in which the mother ingests a pill that cuts off her baby’s food supply and starves it to death, before ingesting another pill that makes her uterus contract to expel the dead baby into toilet water, to be flushed out of existence. No one gently dresses these fatally-wounded children in white shrouds, lining them up that we may see and mourn for them, and honor their lives. They are flushed, tossed, and ground out of existence.

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From "Why will the media show dead Syrian children but not aborted babies?" by Kristi Burton Brown, LiveActionNews 8/23/13

. . . the media is thoroughly covering the disastrous violation of human rights in Syria. They are openly demonstrating what it looks like when the basic right to life is ignored and trampled upon.

Why, then, the basic failure by the media to show what real abortion is? Abortion is just as real as the deaths in the Syrian conflict. It is tragic, horrific, and a daily violation of basic human rights here in the United States – as well as around the world.

Pictures of babies who have suffered through abortions are “graphic, disturbing” images. But they, too, would serve to “raise awareness of the plight of innocent people in a war that shows no sign of ending.”

. . . And so we must call on the media to speak the truth and to show the truth on abortion. Planned Parenthood – and the rest of the abortion industry – is a “regime that is killing us,” one child at a time. Innocent children struggle for their lives every single day in their mothers’ wombs. The media must be the voice of the silent, the downtrodden, the oppressed. They must speak out for those who cannot tell their stories to the world.

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From "God’s red line extends beyond Syria" by Dr. Robert Jeffress (pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas), Dallas Morning News 9/8/13

Why is genocide in Syria intolerable while infanticide in our country is not only permissible but considered a constitutional right? By what moral authority do we deny the leader of another nation his “freedom of choice” to exterminate his own people, yet empower our own citizenry to kill their children and even provide hundreds of millions of tax dollars to Planned Parenthood to carry out the executions?

I can hear the liberal howl across North Texas as I type these words. “There is no moral equivalency between Assad’s heinous acts against his own people and the personal, painful choice of a mother to terminate a pregnancy.” But, alas, there is.

Both the Assad atrocities and abortion represent attacks against the most vulnerable members of society: children. We are understandably horrified by the pictures of endless rows of Syrian children’s corpses. But if we laid side by side the remains of the millions of children who have been aborted in the last 40 years — many during the second and third trimesters with discernible features — I imagine there would be an even greater outcry from the American people.

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