Sunday, September 15, 2013

Babies Can Hear Abortionist Coming, Study Shows

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has published a study confirming that unborn babies develop language skills by listening to their mother's surroundings -- even remembering AFTER they're born what they heard in utero.

-- From "Unborn babies are hearing you, loud and clear" by Meghan Holohan, NBC News 8/26/13

Researchers at the University of Helsinki in Finland looked at 33 moms-to-be, and examined their babies after birth. While pregnant, 17 mothers listened at a loud volume to a CD with two, four minute sequences of made-up words (“tatata” or “tatota”, said several different ways and with different pitches) from week 29 until birth.

The moms and babies heard the nonsense words about 50 to 71 times. Following birth, the researchers tested the all 33 babies for normal hearing and then performed an EEG (electroencephalograph) brain scan to see if the newborns responded differently to the made-up words and different pitches.

Babies who listened to the CD in utero recognized the made-up words and noticed the pitch changes, which the infants who did not hear the CD did not, the researchers found. They could tell because their brain activity picked up when those words were played, while babies who didn’t hear the CD in the womb did not react as much.

The finding support the idea that an unborn fetus can learn and remember just as well as a newborn, the researchers said.

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From "Fetus in womb learns language cues before birth, study finds" by Amina Khan, Los Angeles Times 9/7/13

Scientists have discovered plenty of evidence that what’s heard in utero can make a lasting impression. Fetuses respond differently to native and nonnative vowels, and newborns cry with their native language prosody (a combination of rhythm, stress and intonation).

The findings could mean it’s possible to give babies a little language leg-up before they ever say a word — particularly the children who may need it most.

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From "Newborns remember words they heard in the womb: study" by Thaddeus Baklinski, 8/27/13

Eino Partanen and colleagues at the Cognitive Brain Research Unit of the university's Institute of Behavioral Sciences set out to discover if there was measurable evidence that memory traces are formed prior to birth.

New research has confirmed that babies have memories formed while still in the womb.

Previous studies looked at behavioral clues to the conjecture that babies remember things they heard before birth, but Partanen and his team decided instead to test babies using EEG sensors to look for neural traces of memories that were formed in the womb.

. . . Dr. [Thomas] Verny’s research into the life of the unborn child has found that the child in the womb “can see, hear, experience, taste, and, on a primitive level, even learn in utero. Most profoundly, he can feel - not with an adult’s sophistication, but feel nonetheless.”

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