Monday, September 30, 2013

Prayer: Gov't Shutdown Brings D.C. to its Knees

Who'da thunk it? Washington D.C. seeks God!

People whose livelihood depends on federal government spending are praying that God will bless a never-ending flow of taxpayer dollars.

On a rare, dull Sunday stuck in D.C. with nothing to do, some congressmen go to church, while others go hiking instead.

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-- From "Faced with a shutdown, federal workers turn to prayer and preparedness" by Emily Wax-Thibodeaux and Lisa Rein, Washington Post 9/29/13

At Washington’s National Zoo . . . electrician Stephen Gripper planned to check the lighting in the Great Cats exhibit. Then he was going to bow his head and pray. “I’m literally praying for God’s grace to set America straight.” . . . he said that government work was once synonymous with job security.

. . . [co-worker] Valerie Dyson, said she has enough savings to manage for two or three weeks. “I just pray.”

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From "How Congress kills time on a rare Washington weekend" by Ed O’Keefe, Washington Post 9/29/13

With precious hours remaining until the end of the fiscal year, there were no meetings between House and Senate leaders Sunday to break the logjam and avoid a government shutdown. Both sides dug in, leaving lawmakers with plenty of free time.

[Rep. Vicki] Hartzler [R-Mo.] did what many Washingtonians do on a Sunday morning and headed for the pews. She started with a rare hour-long prayer service in the House chapel and later attended services at Capitol Hill Baptist Church.

The prayer service was the idea of Rep. Tim Walberg (R-Mich.), who remembered how Benjamin Franklin summoned the Founding Fathers to prayer during a deadlock at the Constitutional Convention.

[In contrast, Hawaii Democrat Rep. Tulsi] Gabbard spends several weekends in the District because a flight to Hawaii can take a whole day. Knowing that many of her colleagues were in town with nothing to do, “I woke up and gave a few people a phone call and said, ‘Hey, let’s go for a hike.’ ”

She piled into a car with Reps. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) and Beto O’Rourke (D-Tex.) and headed for the Billy Goat Trail along the Potomac River in Maryland.

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From "With A Call For Prayer, Cruz Wraps Up Protest Against Obamacare" by Mark Memmott and Doreen McCallister 9/25/13

Saying that "it's fitting that this debate concludes with a prayer" because he believes Americans are pleading with Congress to defund President Obama's health care law, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas just wrapped up his marathon protest on the Senate floor.

"The pleas from the American people," he said of what he sees as the public's opposition to Obamacare, "are deafening."

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