Saturday, September 07, 2013

Mom Sues: Doctors Insisted She Abort Healthy Baby

Sarah Hagan of Sunderland, England was given abortifacients at 24 weeks gestation because doctors said her fetus had only one eye, was brain dead, and had "no hope of survival."  After the medications (the type intended for use in early pregnancy) failed, doctors said she must immediately deliver her "dead baby," which turned out to be very much alive and with both eyes, but only weighed 1lb 7oz -- and still LIVES today!
"I just want other mothers to know my story so that nothing like this happens again."
-- Sarah Hagan, 38, of Farringdon, Sunderland
-- From "Sunderland Mum To Sue Hospital After Being Told To Abort 'Brain Dead' Baby" by Victoria Williams, Sky News (UK) 9/3/13

. . . the mum of two, along with partner Darren Perry, 25, has begun legal proceedings against City Hospitals Sunderland . . .

As a result of being born so early, Sarah says Aaron, now 15 months old, has suffered a catalogue of health problems including chronic lung issues and a cyst on the brain.

She said: "If I had been allowed to go longer into the pregnancy, I am sure he wouldn't have had any of these problems.

Sarah, also mum to six-month-old Harry, said: "I still find it hard to believe they could get it so wrong, that it was just presumed my baby would not survive.

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From "'I was told to abort my healthy baby': Mother, 38, sues hospital after 'brain dead' son was born kicking and breathing" by Emma Innes, UK Daily Mail 9/3/13

Ms Hagan went for her 24-week scan on May 4 last year.

Supported by her mother, Val, 66, medics took her into a consulting room where Ms Hagan says she was told her baby’s brain had not formed.

Left overnight to consider her options, Ms Hagan slept little and finally decided to take the tablets.

‘By Wednesday, May 9, I was back at the hospital because the tablets didn’t seem to be working.

‘I was seen by another medic who asked if I’d spoken to a neo-natal doctor.

‘I said “no” and he seemed flabbergasted. So they sent for one who then examined me and said he was going to deliver my baby.’

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From "Meet our best Christmas present of all" posted at Sunderland Echo 12/24/12

Just months ago she endured the ordeal of watching her pre-mature baby battle for survival, but tomorrow mum Sarah Hagan is set to celebrate her first Christmas at home with her “little fighter.”

While fighting for life on a ventilator, he also suffered an almost fatal infection and heart condition, which saw him given a police escort after leaving hospital in one of the worst lightning storms seen for years.

However, after eight months in the neo-natal unit at Sunderland Royal Hospital, Aaron is finally back home, enjoying the festive season with his family, and will soon be joined by a little brother.

“Aaron is doing really well,” she said. “He still has to go to hospital for check-ups since he was allowed to leave at the end of October. He has one working kidney and chronic lung disease and has to be fed oxygen. However, the difference in him is unbelievable.”

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