Monday, February 25, 2013

Vatican 'Gay Mafia' Reports; Cardinal Resigns

The resignation of Cardinal Keith O'Brien, Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, and Britain's top Catholic, over his homosexual behavior with four priests years ago, comes as a confidential Vatican investigation is reported to have documented the existence of a decades-old network of priests aimed at normalizing homosexual behavior among Roman Catholic clergy.

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UPDATE 3/3/13: Cardinal O'Brien admits homosexual behavior

-- From "Britain’s Most Senior Roman Catholic Cleric Resigns" by Reuters, posted at New York Times 2/25/13

Cardinal Keith O'Brien said he had tendered his resignation some months ago, ahead of his 75th birthday in March and because he was suffering from "indifferent health".

The Observer, which gave little detail on the claims, said three priests and a former priest, from a Scottish diocese, had complained over incidents dating back to 1980.

The cardinal, who last week advocated allowing Catholic priests to marry as many found it difficult to cope with celibacy, rejected the allegations and was seeking legal advice, his spokesman said.

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From "Cardinal O'Brien 'will meet justice,' papal consultant says" by CBS News 2/25/13

. . . O'Brien denies the [homosexual abuse] charges, but his resignation comes as Benedict is already mired in another controversy. Benedict received a voluminous confidential report Monday complied by three cardinals who investigated the so-called "Vatileaks" scandal.

There has been widespread speculation by Italy's media that the internal investigation revealed everything from bitter political infighting at the highest levels of the Vatican, to sexual blackmail and a purported "gay lobby" of homosexual prelates within the Church.

Church officials have dismissed the reports as "unsourced and unverifiable," insisting they have no basis in truth.

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From "Italian paper says cardinals discovered homosexual network within Vatican" by Catholic World News 2/21/13

The daily La Repubblica reported that in their report to the Pope, a commission of 3 cardinals investigating the leaked papal documents had found evidence of a homosexual network within the Vatican, and hinted at the possibility that some Vatican officials were subject to blackmail.

La Repubblica claimed that in a lengthy report on the leaks, the cardinals had alerted the Pontiff to the existence of factions within the Roman Curia, including a powerful faction “united by sexual orientation.” Some members of that bloc, the cardinals reportedly said, may be vulnerable to “external influence” because of their activities. The Italian newspaper said that the report shocked Pope Benedict and contributed to his decision to resign.

Ignazio Ingrao, who covers the Vatican for Panorama magazine, backed the report by La Repubblica. He said that the cardinals’ commission disclosed “a network of alliances and acts of blackmail of homosexual nature in several areas of the Curia.”

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From "'Gay mafia' blamed for Papal resignation in Cardinals’ report" by Hilary White, Rome Correspondent, 2/22/13

[La Repubblica], that has not named its sources, says the report cites not only an active homosexual subculture in the Vatican, but factional “struggles for power and money”. The paper quotes “a man very close” to the document’s authors, who described its contents, saying, “Everything revolves around the non-observance of the sixth and seventh commandment,” the Biblical prohibitions against sexual impurity and theft.

The three cardinals – the paper names Spanish cardinal Julian Herranz, Italian cardinal Salvatore De Giorgi and Slovak cardinal Josef Tomko – revealed “a lobby network” identified with the various religious congregations - including the Salesians of Don Bosco and Jesuits – and “geographical origin,” described as “a network united according to sexual orientation.”

The document, the paper said, included “dozens and dozens of interviews with bishops, cardinals and lay people. In Italy and abroad. Dozens and dozens of reports, reread and signed by the interviewees.” These interviews started with standard quesionnaires and were followed by personal interviews, the findings of which were “checked and cross-checked”.

Certainly faithful Catholics fighting the homosexualist movement both within and without the Church have known for decades that a powerful homosexual subculture among some clergy and bishops took hold of the temporal affairs of the Church in the 1960s and after.

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