Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Oregon: Christian Baker Must Do Lesbian 'Wedding'

The Oregon Dept. of Justice is investigating Sweet Cakes by Melissa, a Christian-owned bakery in Gresham, OR, that chose not to sell a cake for a same-sex "wedding" ceremony.  State law requires every Christian business to accommodate deviant sexual behavior over their own conscience in any instance of conflict between the Gay Agenda and God's Word.

Once the public was made aware of the persecution by the state, the bakery gained customers.

UPDATE 2/4/15: Oregon Bankrupts Bible-clinging Baker

A bakery in Colorado was also attacked by homosexualists - it's no coincidence.

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UPDATE 9/1/13: Sweet Cakes bakery closes

-- From "Cake for same-sex wedding doesn't cut it, bakery says" by The Associated Press 2/3/13

[Aaron] Klein, who along with his wife owns the Gresham bakery Sweet Cakes by Melissa, is under investigation after a Portland woman filed a consumer complaint alleging the business refused to make a cake for her wedding to another woman.

[Laurel] Bowman wrote in her complaint that the couple initially chose to have their cake made by Sweet Cakes because they bought a wedding cake there for $250 years earlier without incident. But that cake wasn't for a same-sex marriage.

The state attorney general's office is investigating. If the agency finds cause -- it is awaiting Sweet Cakes' official account -- it has the option of filing a discrimination complaint with the state labor bureau.

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From "Support, criticism for Oregon baker who won't make a wedding cake for lesbian couple" by Linda Thomas, MyNorthWest.com KIRO (Seattle, WA) 2/4/13

The bakery owners' beliefs are not hidden. The Sweet Cakes website has a Bible verse on the homepage.

They also state: "We here at Sweet Cakes strongly believe that when a man and woman come together to be joined as one, it is truly one of the most special days of their lives."

The bakery was closed Monday, but supporters plan to show up at the shop Tuesday when it opens. In an email, the owner says the response to his decision has been "overwhelming."

The Oregon attorney general's office is investigating a complaint against the bakery because of a state law that declares it is a violation for a business to deny full and equal accommodations for customers based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and other factors.

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From "Bakery does year's best business after refusing to make gay couple's wedding cake" by Jennifer Meacham, KOIN-TV6 2/3/13

The bakery owner says his First Amendment rights were violated, but others say the owner violated state discrimination laws. Now it's up to the Department of Justice to decide.

Klein says the incident happened about three weeks ago: a woman and her mother walked into the bakery he owns with his wife Melissa and requested a wedding cake. Everything was as normal until he asked the bride and groom's names, and learned the groom was also a woman.

"I was very polite," Klein said. "I looked up and said, 'Unfortunately, I don't do same-sex marriage [cakes]."

"I paraphrased some scripture and I said, 'Leviticus 20:13 says that it's an abomination and that it's detestable,'" he said. "And she told me I was wrong and walked out the door."

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