Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Next Pope? On Abortion: Like Murdering Congressmen

Speculation that the next pope may be an African, possibly Nigeria's Cardinal Francis Arinze, has resurfaced his public remarks of 2007 comparing an oft-cited American liberal Catholic politician's "personal position" of opposing abortion while saying it's OK for others to choose to murder the unborn, to the position of saying it's OK for others "to shoot all of you in the Senate" while you personally oppose the mass murder.

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. . . beyond Congress, President Obama Praises Killing 55 Million over 40 Years

-- From "Two African Cardinals in the Running to Be Pope" by Bazi Kanani, ABC News 2/12/13

Two African cardinals are rumored to be among the top candidates to succeed Pope Benedict, and many Vatican watchers believe the election of a non-European pope is a very real possibility at a time when the majority of the church’s growth is in the developing world.

Cardinal Francis Arinze, 80, of Nigeria is again being mentioned as a possible pope, as he was in 2005 when Pope Benedict was elected.  Arinze served as a priest for 27 years and became one of the world’s youngest bishops before Pope John Paul II elevated him to cardinal in 1985.

He was appointed to lead the Vatican’s Council for Interreligious Dialogue, and colleagues compliment his ability to cooperate with people of other faiths.  Arinze is also considered a conservative.

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From "Cardinal Arinze: ‘Personally’ Against Abortion Is Like Saying ‘Personally’ Against Shooting Members of Congress" by Michael W. Chapman, CNSNews.com 2/18/13

During a question-and-answer session at a conference held at Familyland USA in Bloomington, Ohio in 2007, Cardinal Arinze was asked about Catholic U.S. politicians who vote for abortion and then present themselves for Holy Communion and what could the Church do about the issue.

Arinze said,  “The question of voting [for] abortion is not Catholic law, but Divine law. So, those who kill unborn babies are breaking not the law of the Church but the law of God. … They have gone against Divine law: Thou shall not kill.”

As for those pro-abortion Catholic politicians who present themselves for Holy Communion at Mass, Cardinal Arinze said, “Do you really need a cardinal from the Vatican to answer that?”

“The children for First Communion will answer that at the drop of a hat.  You don’t need a cardinal to answer that,” he said.

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From "Vatican cardinal weighs in on pro-abortion politicians and Communion" by Catholic News Agency 4/12/08

In a satirical manner, Cardinal Arinze criticized a standard pro-abortion political argument.

“To the person who says, ‘Personally, I am against abortion, but then if people really want to do it I leave them free’ you can say ‘You are a member of the senate or the congress.

“‘Personally I am not in favor of shooting the whole lot of you, but if somebody else wants to shoot all of you in the senate or all of you in the congress, it’s just pro-choice for that.

“’But personally I’m not in favor.’

“That is what they are saying,” the cardinal argued.

“They are saying that personally, he is not in favor of killing these millions of children in the womb, but if others want to do it, he is pro-choice.”

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