Thursday, February 21, 2013

Forced Abortion on Pregnant Girl by Parents Nixed

When the parents of a 16-year-old girl of Hockley, Texas found out their daughter was pregnant, they demanded she have an abortion and then punished her when she refused.  After the girl sought legal help, and with the support of her soon-to-be husband, 16-year-old Evan Madison, along with his family, attorneys were able to reach an amicable settlement with the girl's parents.  The baby will live!

For background, read Parents Can't Force Abortion on Pregnant Minor

-- From "Pregnant teen wins battle to stop forced abortion" by Brian Rogers, Houston Chronicle 2/18/13

The teen said her mother and father threatened her and were trying to coerce her into having an abortion, according to court records.

After weeks of tearful fighting, the girl took a dramatic step: She sued her parents.

The recently filed lawsuit ended Monday with an agreement that the teen's parents would not use physical force or psychological coercion. They also agreed to pay half of the hospital bill if the girl has not married when the baby is delivered and let her use her car to go to school and work.

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From "Girl Wins Lawsuit Against Parents Who Were Trying To Force Her To Get Abortion" posted at CBS News Houston 2/19/13

The 16-year-old girl, known as R.E.K. in the complaint, originally filed the suit after she said Jeffrey and Denise Coen were trying to coerce her into aborting the fetus.

The lawsuit initially stated that the mother wanted to slip her pregnant daughter an abortion pill and that the father threatened her with an “a** whoopin’.”

Greg Terra, attorney and president of the Texas Center for the Defense of Life, said in a press release that they are “extremely happy” with the Harris County judge’s decision to grant a long-term injunction in the case.

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From "Texas Teen Wins Abortion Lawsuit Against Parents" by Ashley Fantz, CNN 2/18/13

The parents have denied all allegations and called the case baseless. Their attorney did not respond to requests from CNN for comment.

The restraining order alleges that the teen’s mother threatened to “slip (the teen) an abortion pill,” took her daughter’s phone and car, and kept her home from school to punish her for choosing not to abort her baby. The mother told the teen that she was “making the biggest mistake of her life” by choosing to have the child and that the mother had had numerous abortions, so her daughter should, too, the restraining order says.

The parents told their daughter she could either “continue to live in misery” in their home or she could “have the abortion and tell everyone it was a miscarriage,” according to the restraining order.

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From "Parents Agree Not to Force Their Daughter to Have an Abortion" by Steven Ertelt, 2/19/13

Attorneys with The Center for Defense of Life [TCDL] . . . representing her obtained a temporary restraining order from the 215th District Court of Harris County, Texas. . . .

“This case stand for the principle that Roe v. Wade and the so-called ‘right to choose’ includes the right to choose life,” said TCDL President Greg Terra.

He told LifeNews, “the United States Supreme Court in Bellotti v. Baird (443 U.S. 622, 1979) held that a teenage girl has the absolute legal right to make her own reproductive choices, including the right to not to have an abortion, regardless of what her parents want her to do; so if a Texas teenage girl chooses life we will stand with her in court in support of that choice.”

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