Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pedophilia is Sexual Orientation, Like 'Being Gay'

So who looks like Chicken Little now, screaming "slippery slope?"

UPDATE 11/2/13: American Psychiatric Association changes official DSM manual to redefine pedophilia (see latest article excerpts at bottom of this post).

Mainstream media is reporting that pedophiles deserve sympathy rather than jail, because scientific researchers believe that their "child-attraction sexual orientation" is inborn, it's the next civil rights movement (after blacks, homosexuals, etc.).
“Currently, there is no significant longitudinal evidence that pedophiles can be made to not be attracted to children, and thus it can be defined as their orientation. And if pedophilia is a sexual orientation, that also means it’s futile to send pedophiles to prison in an effort to alter their attractions. Doing so is akin to sending a homosexual child off to a religious-based institution that claims it can 'pray the gay away.'”
-- Cord Jefferson
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-- From "The Science of Pedophilia: Is It a Sexual Orientation?" by Makini Brice, Medical Daily 9/7/12

On Valentine's Day last year, the Parliament of Canada's Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights held a session in which MPs debated whether they should institute mandatory sentencing laws against sex offenders of two years.

There to speak were Dr. Vernon Quinsey, then from Queens University, and Dr. Hubert Van Gijseghem, a retiree from the University of Montreal. Naturally, the subject of therapy entered the discussion, to which Van Gijseghem said,
"When we speak of therapy or when individuals get therapy and we feel as though everyone is pacified, the good news is often illusory. For instance, it is a fact that real pedophiles account for only 20% of sexual abusers. If we know that pedophiles are not simply people who commit a small [offense] from time to time but rather are grappling with what is equivalent to a sexual orientation just like another individual may be grappling with heterosexuality or even homosexuality, and if we agree on the fact that true pedophiles have an exclusive preference for children, which is the same as having a sexual orientation, everyone knows that there is no such thing as real therapy. You cannot change this person's sexual orientation."
There is a natural aversion to pedophilia in the United States and worldwide. But is that discomfort helpful?

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From "Pedophilia may not be a life choice" by Dianne Williamson, Worcester, Mass. Telegram & Gazette 8/26/12

For years, we've been told that pedophilia is an addiction or a horrible illness or a manifestation of an abusive adult seeking power and control. . . .

The terms “pedophile” and “child molester” aren't interchangeable. . . .

But not all pedophiles act on their desires, and untold numbers spend their lives fighting their sexual arousal to children. Now, researchers are offering evidence that people can be born with a brain predisposed to be sexually attracted to children. In other words, it's about biology.

If this science pans out, it means some people are born with a sex drive they must fight their entire lives, through no fault of their own. Imagine being a straight man, for example, and being told your attraction to women is immoral and cannot be acted upon. It must be horrible. And little help is available because laws require therapists and doctors to report anyone they believe poses a threat to children.

Such research rings true because who would choose to be a pedophile?

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From "Gawker: Editor causes firestorm after advocating for pedophiles" by Stella Martin, Imperfect Parent 9/9/12

A firestorm has erupted over an editorial published on Friday an editor of Gawker, advocating for pedophiles and suggesting that pedophile challenges are a civil rights issue. Its author, Cord Jefferson, fully acknowledged the article’s agenda, tweeting on Friday, “I wrote this big piece about trying to find sympathy and new treatments for pedophiles. Check it out, maybe.”

Journalists on both sides of the political spectrum came out over the weekend to condemn the piece which compares the challenges facing pedophiles to that of the plight of the gay and minority communities. The author, Cord Jefferson, seeks to paint pedophiles as an oppressed group of people, fearing for their safety and living out their days lonely and without a partner to love because adult/child “sex” is so frowned upon.

Perhaps the most disturbing and criticized part of his editorial however, is the opening lede which gives an admitted pedophile named Terry the opportunity to describe how he raped his 7-year-old niece, suggesting that it was not only consensual, but that the 7-year-old enjoyed and welcomed it. Jefferson also refrained from calling the rape “rape”, but opted instead for describing the rape “sex” and the abuse, a “relationship”.

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From "Black Gay Progressive: 'Jesus Would Embrace Pedophiles'" by Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag.com 9/9/12

Now and then people claim that there’s a moral slippery slope, that if we accept one thing then we have to accept another. And if we accept gay marriage then next up it’s polygamy and then pedophilia. And clearly that’s not the case.

Gawker, the favorite smear blog of the left in general and NBC evening news anchor Brian Williams specifically, put up an item using the same arguments in defense of pedophilia from Cord Jefferson who also writes for The Root. It tries to prove that pedophilia is a biological disorder, but ends up making the same argument for progressivism.

If there’s anything that’s bound to lower the rate of child abuse, it’s easing our taboos on abusing children. And we can also lower rapes if we just lower our taboos on rapists.

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UPDATES 11/2/13:

From "Not All Pedophiles Have Mental Disorder, American Psychiatric Association Says In New DSM" by Hunter Stuart, Huffington Post 11/1/13

In a move toward destigmatizing pedophilia, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) in its updated Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), distinguishes between pedophiles who desire sex with children, and those who act on those desires.

The former group -- those who want to have sex with children but whose desires are not distressing or harmful to themselves or others -- is no longer classified as having a psychiatric condition in the updated DSM.

The change in the DSM, a kind of Bible among medical professionals, lawmakers, and drug and insurance companies, doesn't just apply to pedophilia, but to several other deviant sexual desires listed in the manual. It represents "a subtle but crucial difference that makes it possible for an individual to engage in consensual atypical sexual behavior without inappropriately being labeled with a mental disorder," explains the APA in its DSM-5 Paraphilic Disorders Fact Sheet.

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From "APA to correct manual" by Cheryl Wetzstein, The Washington Times 10/31/13

About a week ago, a blog called NeonTommy, produced at Annenberg Digital News at the University of Southern California, said the APA had drawn a “very distinct line” between pedophilia and pedophilic disorder in its new manual.

According to the DSM-5, pedophilia “refers to a sexual orientation or profession of sexual preference devoid of consummation, whereas pedophilic disorder is defined as a compulsion and is used in reference to individuals who act on their sexuality,” NeonTommy wrote.

The APA said in its [most recent] statement that “‘sexual orientation’ is not a term used in the diagnostic criteria for pedophilic disorder and its use in the DSM-5 text discussion is an error and should read ‘sexual interest.’”

Other DSM-5 paraphilias are exhibitionistic disorder, fetishistic disorder, frotteuristic disorder, sexual masochism disorder, sexual sadism disorder, transvestic disorder, voyeuristic disorder and pedophilic disorder. Despite all these things being labeled a “disorder” in DSMs for years, the actions some of them result in — for example, flashing, assault and battery, and “peeping Tom” behavior — are all uncontroversially illegal.

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From "American Psychiatric Association Struggles Again with Classifying Pedophilia" posted at Liberty Counsel 11/1/13

. . . following the public outcry [this week], APA released a statement that [their DSM has] a mistake.

“Clearly, if reclassifying pedophilia was merely an ‘error,’ it would have been caught in the ‘decade’s journey,’” says Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel.

“Whether it is classified a ‘sexual orientation’ or a ‘sexual interest,’ any effort to legitimize pedophilia will provide pederasts with all the arguments they need to remove age of consent laws, and children will suffer,” says Staver.

“The APA has lost credibility with this recent blunder over the classification for pedophilia. The APA has become co-opted by a political agenda. It is hard to see the APA any other way,” says Staver. “The implications of reclassifying natural law, whether it be for same-sex marriage or adult-children relationships, are far-reaching,” Staver concluded.

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