Thursday, September 06, 2012

Christians OK with Romney, Non-religious Prefer Obama

A new Pew Research poll found that 81% of all Americans have no problem with Mitt Romney being a Mormon, while the latest Gallup poll found that those Americans who claim no religion favor President Obama over Romney by a wide margin of 69% to 23%.

For background, read Obama, Dems Severely Lacking of Christian Support and also read Obama a Christian? No, Say Two-Thirds of Americans as well as Black Pastors Line up to Oppose Obama

UPDATE 12/9/12: 70% of 'religiously unaffiliated' reelected President Obama

-- From "Survey: Voters More Comfortable With Romney’s Faith, Doubt Obama" by Benjamin Fearnow, CBS News D.C. 9/4/12

Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life and the Pew Research Center [found that] . . . Fully eight-in-ten voters who know Romney is Mormon say they are either comfortable with his faith (60%) or that it doesn’t matter to them (21%).

Along religious lines, white evangelical Protestants and black Protestants, on the one hand, and atheists and agnostics on the other, are the most likely to say they are uncomfortable with Romney’s faith. But unease with Romney’s religion has little impact on voting preferences. Republicans and white evangelicals overwhelmingly back Romney irrespective of their views of his faith. Meanwhile, Democrats and seculars oppose him regardless of their impression.

A separate Pew Research survey, released July 24, found that voters have little interest in learning more about Romney’s religious beliefs.

On the other hand, scrutiny of Barack Obama’s religious faith has actually increased since 2008.

Forty-nine percent of voters surveyed said they think Obama is a Christian – which is down from 55 percent in 2008, but actually up from 38 percent in August 2010.

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From "Gallup: Obama Enjoys Massive Lead Among Those With No Religion" by Terence P. Jeffrey, 9/6/12

In the three-week period that ended on Sept. 3, according to Gallup, Obama led Romney 69 percent to 23 percent among those who have no religion. That was exactly the same result Gallup got in the previous three-week period ending Aug. 26.

In the three week period ending May 6, Obama led Romney 63 percent to 27 percent among registered voters with no religion.

Romney leads Obama in other religious categories that Gallup tracks. He leads Obama 47 percent to 45 percent among registered votes who say they are Catholic, 54 percent to 39 percent among those who say they are Protestant or Christian, 58 percent to 35 percent among those who say they are “highly religious” and 47 percent to 45 percent among those who say they are “moderately religious.”

Among registered voters who say they are “nonreligious,” Obama holds a 62 percent to 31 percent lead—not quite as large as his 69 percent to 23 percent lead among those who say they have no religion.

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