Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Alabama Students' Pre-game Prayer Counters Atheists

After the Escambia County Public Schools acquiesced to atheists' demands to terminate prayers at Flomaton High School football games, students lined the playing field, hand-in-hand, bowed their heads and prayed aloud.

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-- From "Group Claims High School Prayers Illegal; Students Take A Stand" posted at (News for Molino, Bratt, Walnut Hill, McDavid, Century & Cantonment) 9/5/12

Prayers led over the public address system at Flomaton High School football games was common prior to this year, as was the recital of the Lord’s Prayer by both players and coaches following Hurricane football games.

But that all came to an end prior to Flomaton’s Friday night season opener against Monroeville after the school district received a letter from the Freedom from Religion Foundation that claimed such prayers were illegal.

The school district responded to the letter by enforcing a ban against facility and students from participating in or leading prayer at school sponsored events.

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From "Students join in prayer before football game" by Paige Malone, WALA-TV10 (Mobile, AL) 9/4/12

Many in the community said it is the student’s choice and support the prayer. But, the Freedom from Religion Foundation Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor said this is not what you should see at a sporting event.

Superintendent Randall Little said the letter said the school system was in violation of a Supreme Court ruling that states any official sanction of prayer in public schools is unconstitutional, including sporting events.

Little said technically prayer is not forbidden on the field, as long as school employees do not organize it or participate.

"We shall comply with the laws as it comes to this issue. But at the same time, students have the right to lead in prayer as long as it is student led, student initiated. And, we shall reserve that right," said Little.

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