Thursday, September 13, 2012

ACLU Warns of Christianity in S. Carolina Schools

Threatening lawsuits, the South Carolina chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union claims evidence that the wrong kind of liberty is alive and well in South Carolina pubic schools: religious liberty of a majority Christian citizenship.

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-- From "ACLU Tells Public Schools It’s Monitoring School Prayer Complaints" by Sam Favate, Wall Street Journal 8/21/12

In a letter sent to all public schools in the state, the ACLU of South Carolina said the [ACLU] campaign is trying to ensure that schools do not impose or promote religion, and adds that, “based on complaints received by the ACLU, many school districts are failing to honor this vital constitutional mandate.”

Among the incidents the ACLU claims to have received in the last two years are the distribution of Bibles to students, prayer and scriptural readings at school events and school assemblies featuring evangelizing and religious content. The letter also states that if the group receives a complaint about a particular school district, they will make contact in an attempt to resolve the issue. “Litigation will be a last resort,” the letter states.

State Superintendent of Education Mick Zais said in a statement to Law Blog, “I support the rights of students and adults to pray or not to pray in schools. This misinformation campaign by the ACLU isn’t about religious freedom. It’s an attempt to discourage religious expression in the public arena by issuing threats of lawsuits and suggesting it is unlawful to pray in school. The Constitution guarantees the right to freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. To those who choose to pray in school, I encourage them to keep praying.”

In January, the ACLU and ACLU of South Carolina filed a lawsuit challenging the practice of school-sponsored prayer and religious activities in a South Carolina school district. The case was settled by consent decree, and a permanent injunction was ordered, prohibiting prayers during or in conjunction with school events. The order also blocked school officials from organizing, financing or sponsoring religious services involving students.

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From "ACLU’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Campaign Aims to Keep Religion Out of S.C. Public Schools" by Jon Street, 9/11/12

Erin Leu, a spokesperson for Liberty Institute, said the ACLU’s “Religious Freedom” campaign seems to lean in one direction: “One thing I noticed about the campaign is that there is a heavy focus on what the school cannot do and there’s less of a focus on what the students can do for their religious rights…I wish there was more of an emphasis on the religious rights of students.”

“[The ACLU] claims neutrality, but they want a state that’s secular and opposed to the inclusion of theistic messages,” Chris Gacek of the Family Research Council told

“I think it represents part of an ongoing process in various ways for organizations with left-wing ideologies to exert influence and control…to gain power over the way schools are administered,” he added.

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From "Schools warned of major 'intimidation' by ACLU" by Bob Unruh, World Net Daily 9/11/12

“While a teacher may not use the classroom to indoctrinate students, a teacher may disseminate information about religion in an objective manner so long as the information is reasonably related to the curriculum,” states a letter [to schools] from the Alliance Defending Freedom.

“Religious groups are permitted to distribute Bibles, religious literature, and even set up displays at school if the school permits other community organizations to do so,” ADF said.

The ACLU letter said school officials may not incorporate prayer into any school event, plan or promote religious services, hold school events at religious venues when an alternative is available, participate in student religious clubs or cite the Bible.

The ACLU’s letter demands information from every school about their commencement programs, athletic events, board meeting agendas, awards ceremonies, school event calendars and “any prayers, invocations, benedictions, blessings, proselytizing, or other religious remarks.”

The organization wants the information within 15 days and wants to be given access to copies without charge.

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