Sunday, September 16, 2012

Government-paid Breast Enlargement for 10-year-olds

Even though rising health care costs force rationing on patients, U.S. taxpayers are forced to fund sex-change operations for prisoners suffering gender confusion and U.K. taxpayers must fund breast implants for girls as young as age ten who feel inferior due to their breast size.

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-- From "250 girls under 16 given bigger breasts on NHS at cost of £5,000 a time" by Daniel Martin, UK Daily Mail 9/14/12

The Department of Health said NHS-funded breast augmentation would only take place for recognised clinical reasons, not merely for cosmetic ones.

But Nigel Mercer, a consultant plastic surgeon, said that the procedure could be given the go-ahead if a GP believed the patient was suffering psychological problems because of the size of their breasts.

The latest statistics show that over the past five years, two girls aged 11 and four aged 13 have had the procedure, which costs around £5,000 a time.

The peak age for the operation is 19, and last year there were 114 procedures on women of that age. Over the past five years, 255 recipients were aged 16 or under.

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From "Transsexuals have right to breast enlargement" posted at The New Age 9/11/12

Male-to-female transsexuals have a legal right to breast enlargement operations when hormone therapy fails to give them a feminine shape, a German federal court ruled on Tuesday.

A transsexual may receive implants if her new breasts have not yet reached the size of a bra's A-cup, the Federal Social Court in the central city of Kassel said.

The judges said that this right to breast-enlargement surgery applied even before a sex change, basing its ruling on a recent decision by Germany's top court which found that such a procedure was not a requirement for a legal name change

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From "Judge orders Massachusetts to pay for inmate’s sex-change surgery" by Milton J. Valencia, Boston Globe 9/4/12

In the first decision of its kind, a federal judge has ordered state officials to provide a taxpayer-funded sex-change for a transsexual prisoner, after finding that the treatment is the only adequate care for the inmate’s gender identity disorder.

“This fact that sex reassignment surgery is for some people medically necessary has recently become more widely recognized,” [District Court Chief Judge Mark L.] Wolf wrote in a landmark 127-page ruling Tuesday. “Denying adequate medical care because of a fear of controversy or criticism from politicians, the press, and the public serves no legitimate penological purpose. It is precisely the type of conduct the Eighth Amendment prohibits.”

The judge did not say who should perform the surgery or where it should be conducted, leaving those decisions to state officials. The cost of the surgery ranges from $7,000 to more than $50,000, depending on the extent of cosmetic work, according to informational surgery and transgender websites.

It was not clear how much postsurgery care would have to be provided, though the state would bear that cost as well.

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