Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Toddler Says He's a Girl, 'Parents' Say OK

3-year-old Thomas, adopted jointly by two lesbians, said he's a girl; now at age 11 he lives as Tammy, and the media just love it.

"Gender identity is who you are and sexual orientation is who you want to have sex with," said Dr. Johanna Olson, professor of clinical pediatrics at University of Southern California, who encourages transgenderism for children, rather than treating them for the mental disorder, such as gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder.

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UPDATE 10/18/11 (Fox News): "This is child abuse," said Dr. Paul McHugh, professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University. (video:)

-- From "Transgender kids: Painful quest to be who they are" by Madison Park, CNN 9/27/11

Regardless of the fact he was physically male, Thomas has always maintained that he is a girl. When teased at school about being quiet and liking dolls, Thomas would repeat his simple response, "I am a girl."

[Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel] have been accused of terrible parenting by friends, family and others, that "we're pushing her to do this. I'm a lesbian. My partner is a lesbian. That suddenly falls into the fold: 'Oh, you want her to be part of the lifestyle you guys live,'" Moreno said.

Moreno and Lobel allowed their child pick his own clothes at age 8. Thomas chose girl's clothing and also picked four bras. Then, Thomas wanted to change his name to Tammy and use a female pronoun. This is called social transitioning and can include new hairstyles, wardrobe. Aside from mental health therapy, this stage involves no medical interventions. Social transitioning is completely reversible, said Olson, a gender identity specialist.

This summer, Tammy began the next phase of transition, taking hormone-blocking drugs. This controversial medical treatment prevents children from experiencing puberty.

[Next,] if the child wants to transition to the other gender, he or she can take testosterone or estrogen hormone treatment to go through the puberty of the opposite gender.

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It should be noted that a person's DNA cannot be changed; biologically, there's no such thing as a "sex change."