Thursday, September 29, 2011

Registering Millions of Christians to Vote

Silicon Valley Christian venture capitalists have launched a non-partisan 21st-century Internet-based social networking model to identify five million unregistered Americans who will vote for religious liberty as well as the sanctity of life and marriage (one man, one woman).
"Our goal is to raise up a body of believers and that they elect a lot of godly leaders. We're about the agenda of the lamb, Jesus Christ."
-- Bill Dallas, chief executive of United in Purpose

-- From "Silicon Valley gives conservative Christians a boost" by Matea Gold and Tom Hamburger, Washington Bureau of the Los Angeles Times 9/15/11

The nonprofit organization United in Purpose is using sophisticated data-mining techniques to compile a database of every unregistered born-again and evangelical Christian and conservative Catholic in the country.

Through partnerships with Christian organizers and antiabortion groups, United in Purpose hopes to recruit 100,000 "champions" to identify unregistered Christians and get them to the polls as part of its Champion the Vote project. Profiles drawn from its database, which numbers more than 120 million people, will enable organizers to target potential voters with emails and Web videos tailored to their interests.

Most of its financial supporters remain anonymous, but one of its main backers is technology entrepreneur Ken Eldred, a generous Republican donor. Its board includes Reid Rutherford, a Silicon Valley solar-energy plant developer.

"I have the audacity to believe that we can be an influence on both parties," Eldred said. "I personally believe that someday we're going to stand before God, and he's going to pull out a ballot and say, 'How did you vote in this election?' And there are going to be people who say, 'Why do you care about that, God?' And he's going to say, 'Because I created that country and I put you in charge.'"

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From "5M New Christian Voters Can Decide 2012 Election, Group Says" by Anugrah Kumar, Christian Post Contributor 9/17/11

Of the estimated 60 million Christians in the United States, only 30 million vote in any given election. The rest do not realize the power they hold in one single vote, says United in Purpose, a group backed by a few Silicon Valley venture capitalists that is running a project called “Champion the Vote.”

The group found that the voting margin between candidates was far lower than the number of registered Christian voters. For example, the two main candidates in Missouri in 2008 had a margin of a mere 3,903 votes while the number of unregistered Christian voters was 102,522. Similarly, North Carolina’s voting margin was only 14,177 votes with 281,212 unregistered voters.

Over the next 10 years, the United in Purpose group aims to mobilize 40 million evangelicals in the United States to vote. American Christians have the responsibility to honor both the Cross and the flag, says the project’s website.

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