Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Atheists' School Football Prayer Complaint in Alabama

In response to the atheists' written legal threat, Superintendent John Mullins has changed the policy from a pre-game prayer over the loud speaker, to a moment of silence, during which time the citizenry intends an organized oral recitation of the Lord's Prayer.

UPDATE 6/5/12: City Council approves flagpole prayer event

UPDATE 9/25/11: Alabama schools pray at football games - Will atheists sue them all?

-- From "Superintendent Of Arab City Schools Tosses Out High School's Pregame Prayers" by Venton Blandin, WHNT-TV19 Reporter 9/21/11

The Freedom From Religion Foundation prompted the change. The Wisconsin-based organization sent a letter to Arab City Schools on behalf of a parent of Arab City Schools. The letter stated the anonymous parent objected to the pre-game prayers.

Mullins started the game day prayers 10 years ago. He says at the time, two Arab High School students requested the public prayer.

All Arab High School football games will now begin with a moment of silence.

Several people in the Arab community say they plan to stand and say the Lord's Prayer at the start of each Arab football game.

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From "PA prayers to cease at football games" by David Moore, The Arab Tribune (Alabama) 9/21/11

Superintendent John Mullins has received a letter from the Freedom from Religion Foundation in Madison, Wis., calling prayer before the games a "serious and flagrant violation" of the First Amendment and asking that the school district take immediate action to stop any and all prayers occurring before any school-sponsored event.

"We are of the legal opinion that a moment of silence is constitutionally permissible," [Mullins} said. "We will have a moment of silence just prior to the playing of the national anthem."

A Facebook movement is asking people to recite The Lord's Prayer in unison during the moment of silence.

Mullins said in his e-mail he thinks judicial interpretation over the years has warped the Founding Fathers' original intent for the separation of church and state clause.

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