Friday, March 11, 2011

'Good Sex' Exposed to Kids on Church Billboards

Midwestern churches in conservative cities are challenging both tradition and Hollywood by emphasizing God's design for sex within marriage, but many Christians prefer the churches keep their sex private.

-- From "Church Tries to Ignite Married Couple's Sex Lives" by Dean Schabner, ABC News 2/12/11

. . . some people in Joplin, Mo., say the billboards that Ignite Church has put up in the town shouldn't be viewed by children . . .

But Ignite Church's Lead Pastor Heath Mooneyham said the message . . . is all about love, and God's purpose for it -- which includes sex.

"We're doing a series about sex, and God's intended purpose for it," Mooneyham. "We're hitting things like adultery and pornography."

Mooneyham indicated that in a poll on the church's website, 86 percent of the respondents said they were not having enough sex in their marriage.

"This is really one of the major issues that's ripping marriages apart. They are at a higher risk of adultery, looking at pornography -- that leads to divorce," Mooneyham said.

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From "Indiana Church Behind Provocative Sex Billboard" posted at 3/10/11

When people go to the [advertised Internet] site, the link brings users to The Blended Church -- a non-denominational and non-traditional church that preaches, among other things, about the positive aspects of a healthy sex life within marriage, Indiana's Fox59 reports.

However, many motorists are offended by the advertisement, saying it's bad exposure for kids.

But Pastor Dehner Maurer, whose church is responsible for the signs, disagrees.

"Hollywood is speaking it. The Super Bowl is talking about it, so the church should be talking about it," he says.

"We're just trying to be real and relevant and speak about issues that we face and that's a part of life."

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From "Controversial billboards around Indianapolis have many parents worried as church targets sex as church addresses topic that is 'real and relevant'" by Heather MacWilliams, Fox59 WSBT-TV Indianapolis 3/10/11

"My kids are pointing. I don't want to see that when I'm driving. I just don't. That's a little bit too much," Jennell Allison.

Many motorists share this mother's opinion. "I think that's a little explicit to be on a billboard out here for children to see. It's a little much," says Sherry Knokes.

"In first grade they're talking about it and its too young for the children. I understand that. The problem is if we as parents don't talk to them about sex the kid down the road will," Maurer continues.

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