Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pro-lifers Forbidden Use of Public Library

After a local Wisconsin 40 Days for Life group followed library procedures, like any other citizens, the library cancelled the group's meeting-room reservation, and use of public multi-media equipment, because a pro-life film was planned to be shown.

UPDATE 3/31/11: In response to lawsuit, library yields First Amendment rights to Christians

-- From "Pro-life movie cancelled at Marathon County Public Library" posted at WSAU.com (radio WAUSAU, WI) 3/29/11

Library Director Dan Illick says he sent a letter to the group 40 Days for Life because of the potential for counter-protests. The group now accuses him in censorship and has threatened a lawsuit. Illic has not commented publicly because of the possibility of litigation.

The library was not sponsoring or endorsing the movie, only providing space for the viewing. The library regularly makes its meeting rooms available to community groups.

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From "Anti-abortion group plans lawsuit against county's library director" by Wausau Daily Herald 3/29/11

An attorney for the group said the county’s offer of an alternate facility for the event was unacceptable.

The county’s corporation counsel Scott Corbett wrote that the library was a “limited public forum,” where a government agency is not required to allow persons to engage in every type of speech, according to a 2001 U.S. Supreme Court decision.

Peter Breen, one of the attorneys representing 40 Days for Life, said the group plans to file a civil suit against Illick and Marathon County this afternoon or Wednesday morning.

Breen also said the county offered no proof that disturbances would occur if the film were shown at the library.

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