Thursday, March 10, 2011

Abortion Eliminated in Georgia: Senate Bill

The Georgia Senate is considering legislation to require all abortions be performed only in hospitals so licensed, thus shutting down every abortion clinic in the state.

". . . abortions would be legal in Georgia, you just couldn't get one."

-- From "Georgia abortion clinics shuttered under Senate bill" by Christopher Quinn and Aaron Gould Sheinin, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 3/10/11

Sen. Barry Loudermilk, R-Cassville, introduced Senate Bill 209 March 3, which would ban abortions after 20 weeks. But as the Senate Rules Committee met to consider it this afternoon a new version was handed out that says abortions could be performed only in hospitals licensed to do so.

According to providers, nearly all abortions take place in Georgia's 14 clinics and doctors offices, and no one knew how many hospitals in Georgia offered abortions on demand.

Sen. Renee Unterman, R-Buford, a nurse by trade, said in the meeting that many hospitals are reticent to provide abortions.

. . . the switch in bills late Thursday afternoon left Planned Parenthood little time to bring experts to testify before the committee when it reconvenes Friday morning.

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