Wednesday, March 23, 2011

IL Teacher Challenges Darwin - NOT Fired

A Chicago-area atheist, famous for fighting Christians in court, created a public spectacle over a science teacher who drifted from Darwinist dogma by encouraging students to study evolution critically, from a scientific viewpoint.

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-- From "Teacher who taught creationism keeps job" by Stephanie Kohl And Dan Rozek, Chicago Sun-Times Media 3/23/11

A Libertyville High School science teacher who referenced creationism in a biology class will not be fired, school officials announced Tuesday night.

Teacher Beau Schaefer, described as a "longstanding District 128 educator," discussed creationism in a classroom lesson about evolution, officials said, but he has been instructed not to do so in the future and he will not lose his job.

In a statement read at school board meeting Tuesday, Libertyville Supt. Prentiss Lea said "the United States Supreme Court and several other federal court decisions have found that creationism may not be referenced or taught in public school science classrooms."

Lea said the teacher "cooperated fully" with officials investigating the allegations, and he has been told not to discuss creationism in the future.

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From "Libertyville High School keeps teacher who referenced creationism" by Stephanie Kohl, Pioneer Press 3/22/11

Not everyone was opposed to the teaching of creationism though. Greg and Kathy Krause, parents of students in the district, said they have no problem with the mention of creationism in the classroom. They also wanted to support the teacher, Beau Schaefer.

"If it's presented, they (the students) can make their own decision," said Kathy Krause. "Why can't they make their own decision? What is the big fear? ... I guess the bottom line is God's bigger than the school, he'll get through."

One student in Schaefer's class, who wished not to be identified, said Schaefer explained creationism only as a theory, not a scientific theory.

"Mr. Schaefer is my teacher and I don't think it's right that people should be mad at him," the student said, adding she did not want to see him lose his job.

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From "Libertyville High School science teacher cited creationism, officials confirm" by Amy Alderman, Chicago Tribune reporter 3/8/11

Community High School District 128 administrators were responding to comments during a recent school board meeting, where Buffalo Grove-based activist Rob Sherman said he had been contacted by a student's older sibling. The student had complained that a biology and human genetics teacher, Beau Schaefer, had been promoting creationist beliefs and attempting to discredit evolution, Sherman said.

"A teacher is teaching that creationism and intelligent design is more relevant than evolution," Sherman said. "You cannot compare and contrast creationism and evolution in a public classroom. If the facts bear out that he is teaching this, I'm asking you to determine the appropriate response. Maybe you need to get someone else in there to 'un-teach' everything Mr. Schaefer has taught them."

Sherman, who is also working to garner support for a state law repealing the required moment of silence in public schools, said he raised the issue in District 128 out of the concern that young minds may be influenced by an authority figure.

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