Thursday, February 19, 2009

Univ. of Georgia Uses Michelangelo to Push Condoms

The historic painting in the Sistine Chapel of the hand of God giving life to Adam has been hijacked by educators, now showing God handing Adam a condom

-- From "Of condoms, the Catholic League, and the University of Georgia" The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 2/18/09

. . . Georgia State University took a great deal of heat this month for possessing academics who claim bookish expertise about such forbidden topics as oral sex and male prostitution.

[Now, this photo] was placed in dorms by the [University of Georgia] health service as part of Sexual Health Awareness Week, which ended last Friday.

The Catholic League, in a complaint filed today with UGA vice president for student affairs, Rodney Bennett, said the university had “hijacked” an icon of Christianity.

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CNN had already aired a morning spot about the GSU controversy and threats from state lawmakers. The piece included mention of a UGA course in “queer theory.”