Friday, February 06, 2009

Media Conceals School Discrimination Against Christians

A New York school district faces a lawsuit for encouraging students to explore homosexuality while trying to prevent them from studying the Bible.

First, let's read the mainstream media presentation of this lawsuit:

-- From "Lindenhurst HS student files suit over Bible club" by Chau Lam, posted at 2/6/09

Backed by an Arizona-based Christian organization [the Alliance Defense Fund, ADF], the student, identified in court papers as "A.Q.," alleged that school officials refused to give the Bible club immediate access to a classroom so members can meet after school.

The student alleged that school officials forced the club to apply for facility access as a community organization, unlike other clubs.

Deirdre Gilligan, a spokeswoman for Lindenhurst Union Free School District, said . . . "The district is more than willing to provide this group with space to meet; however, to date, it has not filed the proper application, as is required of such clubs."

Defense Fund senior legal counsel David Cortman says about four or five students were involved in the club, according to The Associated Press.

Now, let's read a more thorough report:

-- From "Educators: Explore homosexuality but not Bible" © 2009 WorldNetDaily 2/5/09

The suit alleges the district allows and encourages homosexuality by providing special services to organizations including the Gay-Straight Alliance, Key Club, Chess Club, Fishing Club and Ski Club. It contends the district illegally has discriminated against students seeking a Bible Club, instead forcing them to apply for permission to use school facilities as an outside group.

The public interest law firm [ADF] said for more than four months, Lindenhurst High School officials repeatedly have refused to grant official recognition to the club because of its religious nature, despite the presence of other non-curriculum-related student clubs that are given benefits and privileges.

The case claims Supt. Neil Lederer "grants official clubs status to non-curriculum related student clubs" including those addressing "issues involving, among others, promoting respect and dignity for students at LHS; premarital sex, including homosexual behavior; community service; and leadership."

The district allows students in those groups to hold meetings during non-instructional time, be listed in the yearbook, participate in student club fairs, have access to an adviser, take club field trips, use the public address system and bulletin boards for announcements and participate in fund-raising activities and district funding for student clubs, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges violation of free speech and equal access requirements as well as viewpoint discrimination.

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