Friday, February 06, 2009

Homosexuals Lament Hotel Managers with Morals

Sex orgy fans are outraged at a potential string of hotels cancelling deviant sexcapades in response to outcries by an informed American public

UPDATES 2/7/09:

Hotel quarantines orgy participants, monitored by health department

Local TV news report

-- From "Group Tries to Stop Another Hotel ’Orgy’" by Kilian Melloy, [pro-homosexual] EDGE Contributor 2/4/09

An anti-gay Web-based organization, having succeeded in getting one gay convention canceled last month in Washington, D.C., has now set its sights on pressuring another hotel chain into canceling another such gathering.

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, which describes itself as a "national organization devoted exclusively to exposing and countering the homosexual activist agenda," posted an item on Feb. 4 warning about a Columbus, Ohio gathering scheduled to take place at a Holiday Inn.
The posting at the group's Web site claimed that the event, called "Winter Wickedness," . . . encouraged readers to contact both the hotel and the hotel's corporate offices.

The posting claimed that the gathering would be a "sadomasochistic celebration" that would offer seminars on the use of melted wax in erotic settings, the use of whips and needles, sexual fantasies, and other topics that the item deemed to be "sexualized violence."

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