Sunday, February 01, 2009

Gay Agenda Captures Chicago School District

Homosexuals and their supporters are rapidly gaining control of America's schools (universities, colleges, high schools in cities and suburbs, middle schools, grade schools, kindergartens) and anywhere children are found (teaching sex acts) all with the support of school boards, teachers unions, lawmakers, judges, the highest courts, and even churches!

-- From "Daley's teacher's pet takes charge of Chicago Public Schools" by Fran Spielman, Chicago Sun-Times City Hall Reporter 1/31/09

[Ron Huberman,] the 37-year-old teacher's pet finds himself in charge of the teachers, as the new $225,000-a-year chief executive officer of the nation's third-largest school system.

"I'll be at the Board of Education for a long time," Huberman said in an interview, a bold statement for a man moving to his fourth mayoral assignment in five years.

At 15, while attending Lyons Township High School [in suburban Chicago], Huberman made a declaration that, at first, was difficult for his parents to accept: He's gay.

"It's always difficult for kids. It was difficult for my parents at first. But they've become very accepting and very supportive," said Huberman, who lives with a partner who's a friend from college. They reconnected four years ago.

"It has given me a great sensitivity for the need to be inclusive. If I didn't grow up being part of a group that was viewed differently, I may not have that sensitivity. It makes me in tune to individuals, groups and others who are not fitting in and may need extra support."

While he has an unusual perspective on the issue, Huberman refused to say where he stands on the stalled proposal for a gay high school.

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