Thursday, May 15, 2008

Who Will Speak Up for Crystal Dixon?

Thus far, no nationally known clergy have spoken out for university employee fired for publicly proclaiming what God says about homosexual behavior...

by James Pittman

Earlier this week we reported that University of Toledo employee, Crystal Dixon, lost her job because she wrote a newspaper commentary that questioned whether homosexuality is a civil rights issue.

Any person who is somewhat familiar with Jesus and the bible can easily see through the farce that equates the homosexual agenda with the civil rights movement. One is a physical characteristic the other is a sexual practice. What bothers me most about this issue, and what I am waiting to see, is the church's reaction to it.

Dixon did have a rally at her church where 60 supporters showed up to encourage her and hear her statement. I am waiting to hear from the rest of her supporters who, by God, have been given a national platform as Christian leaders. Where are the national leaders who will speak out on behalf of a women who was fired for standing on God's moral principle and calling sin, sin?

Where is the pressure from those who sell millions of books and enjoy airtime on multiple radio stations? I just did a Google search on this subject and saw not one national Christian leader weighing in on the subject. Not one of them quoted a nationally known Christian leader or clergyman weighing in on the subject. Perhaps they are speaking out, but not getting media coverage?

I desperately hope that is the case, but what I fear is that the national leaders have not and will not weigh in. They may be too busy writing and selling books and/or preparing for their nationally syndicated radio programs...

-James Pittman is a leader at New Hope Community Church in Palatine, IL