Monday, May 05, 2008

Planned Parenthood Begs Feds to Fund Contraceptives for Starving College Kids

Students forced to choose between food or expensive contraceptives, so government should fix this so-called 'devastating problem'

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-- From "Birth Control or Dinner Planned Parenthood Scheme" by Josh Montez, posted at 5/1/08

Planned Parenthood’s president Cecile Richards is asking Congress to pass bills that would “restore affordable birth control” so college students don’t have to choose between condoms or the pill and dinner. Jennifer Giroux with Women Influencing the Nation says it’s a ploy.

“They don’t care about women, they care about one thing—their bank account, and increasing the number of abortions in America. This is another ploy for them to increase their already $1 billion budget which they just reported this year.”

. . . Kristan Hawkins with Students for Life calls it a PR campaign.

“They don’t want to be known as the leading provider of abortions in the country. They want to be known as an organization that helps college women and gets them the contraception they need, but they don’t really want to advertise what they do best and that is killing babies.”

If its really a problem, Planned Parenthood could take the money out of its reserves. A recent lawsuit in California alleges that Planned Parenthood overcharged the government a whopping $180 million dollars in reimbursements for contraceptives.

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