Friday, May 30, 2008

Courageous School Board Members Take a Stand in CA

School board members condemned for voting to support initiative protecting kids from LGBT indoctrination

From "Sex indoctrination opponents are like Hiter" posted 5/28/08 at

A school board member in California says those who oppose the state's SB777, a law approved by last year's legislature and signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger that restricts public schools to teaching only positive perspectives of homosexuality, are "like Hitler."

The report comes from Karen England of Capitol Resource Family Impact, which is working on the Save Our Kids campaign to assemble enough petition signatures in the state to put SB777 on the 2008 election ballot.

"Last night the West Covina Unified School Board took a bold stand for families and our values by voting to pass a resolution supporting the Save Our Kids initiative," said England's report. "This is the first local school board to publicly protest SB777 and its harmful policies."

"Three brave members of the school board voted to support Save our Kids: Steve Cox, Mike Spence and Camie Poulos. However, two members refused to support the Save Our Kids resolution: George Fuller and Jessica Shewmaker," she said.

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Please consider contacting these three courageous people to offer them your encouragement for rejecting the easy road of silence preferred by most.

1717 West Merced Ave.
West Covina, CA 91790

Phone: 626-939-4600
Fax: 626-939-4701

What happens when LGBT activists are given the power to influence children?

This video of the recent Massachussets Youth 'Pride' event will answer that question, at least in part. Click HERE to view...

This event was:

  • Tax-payer funded
  • Organized by LGBT adults for middle school and high school kids
  • included Youth Gay ‘pride’ parade
  • also “Queer Youth” Prom
Even worse...

“Gay Christian” propaganda was passed out to the kids:

*"Reading the Bible with New Eyes" - a pamphlet that portrays Jesus as having had a homosexual affair with Lazarus and Mary as a lesbian. It also describes the Book of Acts as "defining a lesbian and gay 'nation'". It also states that Jesus "was a functional, if not physical, eunuch." READ pamphlet

*"Queer Spirituality" - "Coming out is a life long spiritual practice. Because we live in a heterosexist society, Queers will always be invited to claim their unique identity." Read pamphlet

*"Embraced for a Spiritual Journey" Invitation to worship at "a Christian church in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer communities" which has "reclaimed from the homophobia and transphobia of the mainline church tradition that was the heart of the ministry of Jesus Christ." READ pamphlet

*"History of Saints Servius and Bacchus", handed out by a man dressed as a Catholic friar, claiming that these two Catholic saints were actually homosexual lovers. READ pamphlet

*"Catholic Theological Defense of Same-sex Marriage" pamphlet which states that there is "no moral right to declare marriage off limits to persons whom God has made gay" and that the Pope "is definitely wrong and he will be corrected some day by one of his successors." (Also handed out by the abovementioned "friar".) READ pamphlet (PDF)

NOTE: The MA Senate just approved $850,000 in funding for LGBT programs in public schools.